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The breastfeeding cover mums can't get enough of: 'It's a godsend'

It's light, versatile and chic.

Breastfeeding mums should never have to cover up, but for many new mums, it can feel overwhelming and awkward to feed in public.

Getting the hang of breastfeeding can be hard enough without having to deal with makeshift muslin covers or trying to soothe your baby in new environments.

Now there's a chic breastfeeding cover that has sold thousands since it first launched at the beginning of this year - and new mums are raving about the Aussie invention. The Cowrie by Amor Mama is a 7-in-1 cover that's both chic and practical.

Woman breastfeeding in The Cowrie.
The Cowrie is a 7-in-1 cover that's both chic and practical. Photo: Supplied

"I was forever trying to prop up a muslin wrap, and competing with wind and outfits was not fun," says one. "Now this gorgeous cover slips over my head, easily changes position, is breathable in the summer and I can peek bubba through the material which I love. It’s versatile, chic, and neutral. A godsend."

"Not only is it beautiful but it's also a perfect cover for my forever-distracted breastfeeding son," agrees another mum.

"It also doubles as the perfect sun shade for the pram and then a cosy blanket on colder days."

Designed to be worn as a scarf, poncho or cape, the Cowrie is made from a breathable mesh-style knit that lets air circulate to prevent your baby from overheating while they're feeding.

It's made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, so feels buttery soft and gentle against delicate newborn skin.

It's also lightweight and light-filtering, so even those babies who don't like being covered will be happy. This means it creates a safe and intimate space for distraction-free feeding in public places.

Baby in carrier under The Cowrie.
The Cowrie is soft and lightweight against babies' skin. Photo: Supplied


Because the cover is so soft, it also doubles as a snuggly blanket (that smells like mum) and can also be used as a cover over a stroller, carrier or capsule.

Machine washable and wrinkle-resistant, it gives 360-degree coverage, so you can breastfeed or pump as discreetly as you like, anywhere.

Available in four different colours, including butterscotch and dove grey, it fits sizes 6 to 16.

The Cowrie was created by new mum Phoebe who had been struggling to find a cover she liked while feeding her son Alfie.

"I found hot stretchy covers, knitted covers made from synthetic materials, and of course, the apron-style covers that looked like they belonged in a black-and-white movie," she recalls.

"It dawned on me that I needed to create a breastfeeding wrap that not only suited my style pre-baby, but also was made out of organic and natural fibres for delicate baby skin and to maximise breathability."

The Cowrie was born at the start of this year, and mums are delighted to have found a solution to their breastfeeding needs.

"This is the best nursing cover I have had," says one happy customer. "Absolute life-changing product," agrees another. "Every parent needs one!"

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