The Block's Mitch and Mark reveal 'disgusting' messages from trolls

The Block favourites Mitch and Mark were on a high last night after taking out the final win of the current season for their front garden and facade.

But the seasoned renovators, who made their first appearance on the Channel Nine renovation show in 2019, have opened up about the 'dark side' of The Block, revealing some of the vile and homophobic abuse they face from trolls on social media.

the block Mitch and Mark
Mitch and Mark have revealed the 'disgusting' messages they get from trolls. Photo: Channel Nine

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mark revealed some viewers have called them 'f*****s' and even said they deserve to 'die'.

"We still get some people that send us messages that are disgusting," the 60-year-old told the publication.

"In this day and age, that still happens. We still get messages saying that we are disgusting filth and we should die"


Mark added that he and Mitch have often considered exposing the trolls on social media, saying: "Because these people are clearly passionate about us and dislike us so much they would obviously want to share those opinions."

"But those trolls are people who hide behind anonymity. You just have to delete and ignore, but it reminds you that in our society that still happens."

the block favourites mitch and mark
They made their first appearance on the Channel Nine renovation show in 2019. Photo: Channel Nine

The pair also touched on the moment controversial contestant Tanya seemingly calling them 'pigs' during a heated body corp meeting mid-season, hinting that it's 'not the worst' they've been called before.

"In my life growing up through the '80s and '90s as a gay man, I've been called worse things," Mark admitted, adding he discussed the comment with Tanya at the time.

"If being referenced to a pig is the worst thing that I've ever been called in my life, I'm doing alright."

It has indeed been a drama-filled season but the finale of The Block Fans v Faves is almost upon us, with continued cheating scandals and fallout between contestants rocking this year's show.

The auctions and final episode will air on Sunday November 7.

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