The Block's Tanya says there were 'other participants' in cheating scandal

It's the cheating scandal that just wont go away on this season of The Block, and now one of the contestants involved in the ongoing drama has spoken out about her 'villainous' portrayal on the show.

Tanya Guccione has responded to some of the backlash she and husband Vito have faced over their role in the cheating scandal, revealing there was much more to the story.

the block tanya and vito
Tanya claims there were 'other participants' in the cheating scandal. Photo: Channel Nine

"There's no doubt I lit the match. But that fire kept a lot of people warm, let me tell you," the makeup artist told the Daily Mail.

"It's hard to take the full brunt of it when you know there were other willing participants, to be honest."

She went on to say she was "afraid" to speak out many times, claiming she was threatened with defamation lawsuits, and decided instead to simply "take full responsibility".

"It can damage your character, it can damage your business. It's damaged ours. People who don't know us have questioned our integrity, so I get it," she said, though she didn't reveal the names of those who allegedly made the threats.


Tanya became embroiled in the cheating scandal when she somehow obtained a photo of the show's production schedule from host Scott Cam's office in the first week. An image she claimed was sent to her by a former builder.

the block tanya and luke
Tanya and Luke first fronted the cameras in week three. Photo: Channel Nine

She then shared photo with twins Josh and Luke, giving them an advantage over other teams, before they were all found out in Week 3, and deducted 2 points each at the following room reveal.

Tanya's latest comments come after the 39-year-old shared a powerful message on Instagram posting a photo of herself with 'Be Kind' written on her chest and hand.

"#BeKind that's #MyTruth. Especially when you have no idea what a person may be going through, just be kind!" she wrote.

"Anxiety, and mental health is real, some may think they know who we are based on a TV show, those who know us, know us and that’s what matters.

"Far out... So much to say but that’s all for now!"

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

The post came in response to producers of The Block labelling her and husband Vito 'the most annoying contestants' in the show's history.

"It is hard to know if they were purposely trying to ruffle feathers or if they simply can't read a room," one insider told the Daily Mail, with another crew member saying the couple was "frustrating" as they'd often "say one thing and then do another".

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