The Bachelors week three recap: The good, the bad and the ugly

Finale week saw plenty of tears, tantrums and surprising twists.

👍 The Good: Jed sends ‘villain’ home

😔 The Bad: Frontrunner gets dumped

😡 The Ugly: Contestant’s boyfriend crashes family visit

It may be finale week on this year’s season of The Bachelors, but the drama has shown no signs of slowing down.

Viewers were on the edge of their seats seeing which contestants Jed McIntosh, Felix Von Hofe and Thomas Malucelli chose to take to Sunday night's finale, as well as what happened when the couple’s families met for the very first time.

Jed breaks the cycle and sends Tash home

After dramatically walking away from the show last week, Tash Candyce made a surprise return during Sunday night’s episode in the hopes of winning back Bachelor Jed. However, he chose to listen to his head rather than his heart and refused to let her return to the mansion after the trouble she had caused.

“I’ve spent my whole life giving my ex-partners so many second chances and third chances and fourth chances and just being a people pleaser,” he said in his confessional. “I find it hard to say no to someone. I always try and see the best in people.

“This is a lot bigger than just me saying no to Tash. It broke a cycle that I didn’t realise I was in for so many years, actually helping me form into a new man and just grow in who I am personally.”

Meanwhile, Tash tells Yahoo Lifestyle she was “confused” watching the episode on TV and seeing Jed follow Thomas and Felix’s advice to send her home.

“At the end of the day, you’re there to follow your heart and you're there for love, and I think if he still had something with me he probably should have taken me back,” she said. “But I think he was just a bit of a people pleaser and went with what B1 and B2 wanted.

“I was really going to play nice. You were going to see the vulnerable real side of me because obviously, I had to redeem myself from what happened… But I went back for myself because I needed clarity, and I got clarity.”

The Bachelors' Jed and Tash/
Tash returned to the show for a second chance with Jed but was quickly sent home. Photos: Channel 10


Felix dumps frontrunner Tilly

They had some of the strongest sexual chemistry ever seen on The Bachelor franchise, but fans were left stunned when Felix decided to send frontrunner Tilly Skok home to pursue greater emotional connections with his remaining contestants.

Throughout their relationship, Felix and Tilly made out multiple times in front of the other women at both the cocktail parties and group dates and had a steamy pool hook-up that had all of Australia talking.

“We may have had a massive spark, but the spark that I’m looking for comes in a bit of a different form now,” Felix explained in his confessional. “I feel for Tilly. It’s never good to be so confident in something and then have it abruptly end. But I’m looking for a long-term partner here, I’m not looking for a fling.”

Tilly tells Yahoo Lifestyle that despite how the experience ended, she absolutely loved getting to know Felix.

“We had an incredible time together and we did really care and like each other, and unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be,” she says. “He was looking for another type of connection.

“I do feel for him that he's getting not so great of an edit because I don’t feel like that's a true representation of who he is as a person. But I do wish him nothing but the best with whoever he ends up with, and I really hope that they are happy and it does work out.”

The Bachelors' Tilly crying.
Tilly was upset Felix decided to say goodbye, but wishes him ‘nothing but the best’. Photos: Channel 10


Jessica’s boyfriend Damien crashes her family visit

While most contestants had a fairly normal experience when their family met their Bachelor’s family for the first time, Jessica Navin’s meeting was rather unique. When it came time for her to meet Felix’s parents and brother, Jessica brought along her boyfriend Damien with who she is in an open relationship with.

Felix’s mother Jenny was quick to criticise Jessica for her views on monogamy and relationships, as well as her decision to come on The Bachelor when she doesn’t know exactly what she wants.

“Do you know what worries me? The way you keep referring to it as an experience,” she said. “It comes across as not sincere. A relationship is not an experience.

“I feel Damien like you’ve been used for an experience, and I don’t want Felix to be used as an experience. You’re going to move on to another experience. You are a girl of experiences.”

Felix, who is clearly smitten with Jessica regardless of her relationship status, later came to blows with Damien while discussing what would happen if he chose her at the finale.

“The sticking point for me is that I want this to at least begin as a monogamous relationship,” he said. “Now, the struggle I have is that clearly, you guys have a connection. But is Jess straight back to Townsville and you guys are having sex again straight away?”

“I wouldn’t be able to sit here and go, ‘No I wouldn’t want to be intimate with Jess’,” Damien replied. “There’s still obviously love there, like she’s still in love with me and I’m still in love with her, so do you want to be in love with someone that’s in love with someone else?”

The Bachelors star Felix's mum Jenny and Jessica.
Felix’s mum Jenny criticised Jessica during their family visit. Photos: Channel 10


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