Brutal blow for The Bachelors cast ahead of finale: 'Upset'

Life might not turn out of for The Bachelors stars the way they had hoped.

The Bachelors contestants have started accusing each other of buying Instagram followers as none of them look set to become influencers once the show ends.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that some cast members have called villain Tash Candyce and finalist Jessica Navin out following unusual spikes in fans on their accounts.

Stats from Social Blade show that Tash gained 8,865 fans on January 10, the day the season premiered, despite only a couple of minutes of airtime – and then 2,675 on January 11, taking her to 21,598 followers.

Yet in 15 days since then, as her storylines have played out, Tash has only gained 2,146 more followers, taking her to her current total of 23,744.

The Bachelors cast standing together.
A source says it's likely members of The Bachelors cast will not become full-time influencers. Source: Channel 10

Meanwhile, Jessica gained 8,298 followers on January 12, and since then has only been averaging 351 a day.

A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “So many of the girls are upset that they've barely gained any following from the show and are all arguing over numbers and likes. They think Jess and Tash have fake followers. Some genuinely thought they'd leave and become full-time influencers but that won't happen. The Bachelor's days of producing stars are over.”

It is worth noting that Tash and Jessica's spikes in followers could of course be genuine and fans simply flocked to their pages on those specific days.

Tash slams 'villain' edit

This comes after Tash, who copped backlash for outing both Jessica’s polyamorous relationship and Jasmine’s OnlyFans account without their consent, told Yahoo Lifestyle that she isn’t quite sure why she’s been labelled ‘the villain’ this season.

“Everyone says that I'm the villain, but let's be honest, what have I done?” she said.

Tash Candyce on The Bachelors.
Tash Candyce did not understand why she was dubbed 'villain' on The Bachelors. Source: Channel 10

“I told Jed, who I'd been seeing, and his best mate Felix that the girl he likes is seeing someone else. She had ample opportunities to voice that to him, and I just think you need to say that from the start… But obviously, she wanted him to probably have some feelings for her so she'd get a rose and that's what's happened.

“And then the Jasmine thing,” she continued. “You can see that all the girls there knew about it as well. And I was like, she's pissed off because she thought that I revealed to Jed on our one-on-one date that she had an OnlyFans account, and I didn’t.”

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