The Bachelors' Krystal says Jessica 'lied her way' to the finale: 'Fraud'

Krystal tells all about her experience on the show.

Felix Von Hofe has made a number of surprising decisions on this year’s season of The Bachelors, including kissing his contestants in front of the other women and sending frontrunner Tilly Skok home despite their strong connection, but his actions during Tuesday night’s episode left viewers completely baffled.

Instead of taking fan favourite Krystal Thomas to the finale, the former professional basketball player chose to give one of his two roses to Jessica Navin who is in an open relationship with someone else.

The Bachelors’ Krystal Thomas / Felix Von Hofe and Jessica Navin.
The Bachelors’ Krystal Thomas says Jessica Navin 'lied' to Felix Von Hofe to get to the finale. Photos: Channel 10

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following her elimination, Krystal admits she was “disappointed” Felix chose Jessica because she hasn’t been completely transparent about her desire to continue a sexual relationship with her partner Damien after the show.

“She kind of lied her way to get to the finale,” she remarks. “Felix still doesn’t know what Jessica wants, and the reason for that is because Jessica doesn't know what she wants. She wants to have her cake, she wants to eat it, she wants to eat the crumbs, she wants all of it and more. So she’s quite selfish in that sense.

“And I respect the fact that she wants to explore her sexuality, that’s completely fine and I'm in full support of that, but when it’s at the detriment of another person and their feelings I just think that's not really fair.

“She's taking Damien for a ride, she’s taking Felix for a ride, and the best thing for Jessica to do is just to be single.”


Krystal went on to say that she’s “absolutely rooting” for Abigail Harley to win Felix’s heart in the upcoming finale.

“Abigail is a little dark horse coming through, I love Abigail,” she says. “I do think watching it that she and Felix do have a really strong connection.

“Whereas Jessica, I kind of feel like she was a fraud. You should not have gotten to where you are today! But Felix at the same time does feel really into her, so I can’t fight against that.”

The Bachelors’ Krystal Thomas and Abigail Harley.
‘Abigail is a little dark horse coming through, I love Abigail.’ Photo: Channel 10

'So many red flags'

When asked if she would’ve wanted to make it to the finale, Krystal quickly replies “absolutely not”.

“I definitely feel like it was my time to go,” she continues. “I felt like Felix and I had reached a point where, because he was so wrapped up in Jessica’s story, he wasn't opening up and he wasn't able to get to know me on a deeper level. Which was a shame because I've got so much to give.

“But I'm not gonna force someone. I’m kind of glad because he’s got so many red flags. It was just never gonna work out.”


Krystal adds that she’s thrilled with the way she was portrayed on TV because it showed “exactly” who she is in real life.

“From the body painting through to us running to the ocean, that is just how I live my life. So it was quite refreshing just to see it all being played out,” she says. “Obviously before you go on the TV show you're like, ‘Oh my god am I gonna get a bad edit? Will I be seen in a way that I’m not?’. But I’m really happy with it, and the support that I've had is incredible.

“Obviously I’m from the UK and I just left with a backpack like three years ago, travelled Asia, I’ve landed in Australia, I’ve just been on a TV show and I think I've come full circle. I just appreciate so much that people love me for me.”

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