The Bachelors shock viewers with X-rated date: 'I feel sick'

Fans couldn't believe what they were seeing.

The Bachelors viewers were left stunned during Wednesday night’s episode when Felix Von Hofe and frontrunner Tilly Skok had a steamy pool hook-up at the Bach Pad, with some fans comparing it to softcore porn.

The couple, who have sparked controversy throughout the season for hooking up in front of the other contestants, began their date at The Pink Flamingo on the Gold Coast where they watched a risqué stage show and exchanged dirty talk. While they both tried their best to form a stronger emotional connection, Felix and Tilly ended up spending most of the evening kissing.

The Bachelors’ Felix and Tilly kissing in the pool.
The Bachelors’ Felix and Tilly had a steamy pool hook-up during Wednesday night’s episode. Photos: Channel 10

They then relocated to the Bach Pad where Tilly stripped down into a lacy one-piece G-string bikini and straddled Felix in the pool as they made out.

“Yeah, it’s definitely a little bit of a soft porn shoot,” she told the cameras. “But that’s us as well. There’s that sexual chemistry and we can’t deny that and we couldn’t not keep our hands off each other.”


At one point, fellow Bachelor Thomas Malucelli and his date Lauren Whybird also hopped in the pool but quickly left at the sight of Felix and Tilly.

“You can’t really have a romantic time when there are two wild animals on the other side of the pool,” Thomas told the cameras.

The Bachelors’ Felix and Tilly kissing in the pool.
Fans were shocked by the X-rated date. Photo: Channel 10

'I actually feel sick'

Viewers quickly took to social media to share their thoughts on the date, with one person tweeting: “Even my dog is uncomfortable watching this.”

“I will never recover from Felix saying ‘this is playtime’ to describe his soft-porn pool session with Tilly,” another added, while a third wrote, “I do not need to see this”.

“Felix has changed me. I'm a prude now. I can't even with this man,” a different user said, followed by someone else who shared, “I actually feel sick”.


“Did the #TheBachelorsAU onboard a whole new set of producers for this season?” another asked. “I've never recalled any prior season where there was such a level of ‘sexual hot and heavy’ narrative/edit. It's like producers were going deep with the Love Island meets MAFS edit this season.

“Imagine for a moment, if Felix doesn’t pick Tilly at the end and the girl he picked just watched him get railed in the pool on national TV,” someone else joked.

Meanwhile, other fans compared the racy moment to former scenes from the show, with one viewer writing: “Abbie Chatfield walked so these girls could run.”

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