Bachelors' Tilly says the show 'sexualised' her relationship with Felix

Tilly has shared her thoughts on her 'edit'.

Despite having some of the strongest sexual chemistry ever seen on The Bachelor franchise, Felix Van Hofe shocked viewers during Monday night’s episode when he decided to send Tilly Skok home to pursue greater emotional connections with his remaining contestants.

Throughout their relationship, Felix and Tilly made out multiple times in front of the other women at both the cocktail parties and group dates and had a steamy pool hook-up that had all of Australia talking.

The Bachelors’ Tilly Skok.
The Bachelors’ Tilly Skok has opened up about her time on the show. Photo: Channel 10

Now, the 24-year-old has opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about her time on the show and the way her ‘love story’ was portrayed on TV.

“There were a lot of conversations Felix and I had throughout the whole season that the audience missed,” she shares.

“They definitely sexualised our relationship a lot, which no doubt it was very steamy and saucy, but we did have a lot of incredible, fun-filled chats and were able to delve deeper into our past relationships.”


Tilly adds that it’s “unfortunate” viewers didn’t get to see herself and Felix connect on a more emotional level, but she understands “steamy and saucy kisses” are more entertaining than “deep and meaningful conversations”.

“We had an incredible time together and we did really care and like each other, and unfortunately it just wasn't meant to be,” she says. “He was looking for another type of connection.”

The Bachelors’ Felix and Tilly kissing in the pool.
Tilly and Felix had the strongest physical connection on the show. Photos: Channel 10

'I back myself and my actions completely'

Speaking about her personal ‘edit’, Tilly says she’s proud of the way she came across on TV and it was “one thousand per cent” accurate to who she is.

“There's not one thing I did or said that wasn't me to a tee,” she remarks. “I’m a big kid, and Felix and I are crazy similar in that respect, like a male, female version of each other.

“So you've got me having fun, you've got me being very sexual and intimate, me sweating bullets because I am an anxious person as well. You saw all sides of me and you saw me being vulnerable and upset because I did care and like the guy.”

She went on to say that she wouldn’t change a thing about her experience on the show because she was true to herself the entire time.

“I back myself and my actions completely,” she continues. “Yes I could have potentially been a bit more aware of the other girls at times, but Felix was definitely reciprocating all of the physical touch. It was all very mutual, and he sort of set that tone from day dot.”

The Bachelors’ Tilly Skok and Felix Von Hofe.
‘I do wish him nothing but the best with whoever he ends up with.’ Photo: Channel 10

'Not so great of an edit'

While they haven’t spoken since parting ways on the show, Tilly is hopeful that she and Felix will “reconnect as friends” in the near future.

“I do feel for him that he's getting not so great of an edit because I don’t feel like that's a true representation of who he is as a person,” she says.


“But I do wish him nothing but the best with whoever he ends up with, and I really hope that they are happy and it does work out.”

As for Tilly’s future plans, she teases that The Bachelors won’t be the last time viewers see her on reality TV.

“I was born to be in front of the camera, that's for sure,” she laughs. “Chuck me on Bachelor in Paradise or something! I want to move to America soon, so chuck me on the US season and I'll be sorted.”

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