Sunrise crew's 'hilarious' behind-the-scenes swipe at David Koch

The Sunrise crew managed to hilariously prank host David ‘Kochie’ Koch on Thursday morning to celebrate his last day on-air in 2022.

The breakfast show’s team of producers, cameramen and sound operators all wore bald caps to imitate the 66-year-old’s signature appearance. However, the gag went largely unnoticed by Kochie and his co-host Natalie Barr.

Sunrise's crew wearing bald caps / Nat Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch looking confused.
The Sunrise crew wore bald caps to celebrate David ‘Kochie’ Koch’s last day on-air. Photos: TikTok/sunriseon7

In a video shared to TikTok, the crew said they wanted to “make Kochie laugh before he goes on holiday”.

Nat was the first one to notice the team members all wearing the skin-toned rubbery caps and looked confused, while Mark Beretta burst into laughter upon seeing their costumes.

“I’ve seen it all!” he remarked.

Kochie, who was preparing to go live on-air, still couldn’t understand what was happening and asked his co-host, “Why have they got those on?”.

“I don’t know, I don’t understand,” Nat replied. “What are you?”


It wasn’t until newsreader Monique Wright sat at the desk and explained the prank to Nat and Kochie that they realised what was going on.

“Oh! They’re supposed to be you!” Nat remarked as she cracked up laughing and Kochie shook his head.

“You’re all looking very handsome,” he replied. “Very handsome”

The prank clearly had an effect on the veteran journalist as he mixed up his days and said “welcome to Friday” when they went live.

Sunrise's crew wearing bald caps / Nat Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch laughing.
Nat Barr burst into laughter when she realised what was happening while Kochie looked unimpressed. Photos: TikTok/sunriseon7


After the clip was shared on social media, a number of people took to the comments to applaud the team’s efforts.

“Great prank!” one person said, followed by another who called it “hilarious”.

“So good you can have fun at work,” a third added, while someone else said, “What a great team, love it”.


“Love these behind-the-scenes videos. GOLD,” a different user remarked

The off-air prank comes shortly after Kochie signed a contract renewal in October, meaning he will continue to appear on Australian screens until the end of 2024.

Seven’s CEO James Warburton convinced the star to stick with the breakfast show, but Kochie negotiated ‘greater flexibility’ as part of the new deal. This means he will likely reduce the days he is on air to allow for more time for his family and his other business ventures, which will also give the network a chance to slowly introduce his eventual successor.

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