Sunrise's Nat and Kochie stumped by brain teaser: 'I feel stupid'

Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch have been left scratching their heads after trying to solve a tricky brain teaser.

Their confusion was shared on Instagram, with Nat admitting that problems like these make her ‘feel stupid’.

L: Sunrise stars Natalie Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch looking concerned. R: Mark Beretta in shock
A tricky brain teaser left Sunrise's Nat Barr, David 'Kochie' Koch and Mark Beretta frazzled. Photo: Seven

In the video, a social media producer asks the pair to solve a “trending brain teaser”. In front of the hosts there was a line of cherry tomatoes in groups, starting with four, three, two and then one.

The pair were told they needed to flip the order, so it would start with one tomato and finish with four — but they were only allowed to move one tomato.

“We need it to be one, two, three, four and in order to do that, you’ve just got to move one tomato. Can you work it out?” the producer asked.


The pair looked baffled as they tried to figure out the challenge, with Kochie giving it a go and getting it completely wrong.

“I had a go, go on!” he told Nat. “You’ve got to start this end.”

“I’m so bad at this, I always feel stupid when we do these,” she replied, before putting her head in her hands.

“Buggered if I know,” Kochie muttered, before attempting to move the same tomato again.

Two photos of Nat Barr and David 'Kochie' Koch trying to solve a cherry tomato puzzle
Kochie attempted to solve the puzzle but failed. Photo: Seven

To solve the brain teaser, the pair needed to take the second tomato from the group of four, and place it in the gap between one and two.

Fans scoffed at their attempt, with many saying on Instagram that it was 'simple'.

“Not difficult at all,” one fan wrote, while another added they ‘got it straight away’

“I got it in seconds, Kochie [is] not as smart as he thinks he is,” added a third.

While Nat and Kochie failed the test, Mark Beretta was surprised by how quickly Monique Wright solved it.

After staring at the puzzle for about 15 seconds, Monique announced that she had ‘worked it out’.

She picked up the second tomato from the group of four and moved it to the correct spot while Mark gasped.

The pair high-fived before the TV presenter proudly stated that she 'wasn't a real blonde'.


Fans applauded her effort, with one saying that her act was ‘mind blowing’.

“That was a little bit awesome,” a fan wrote.

“Holy s**t Mon!!! Amazing,” a second added.

“Way quicker than Nat Barr and Kochie, go Mon!!” another chimed in.

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