Sunrise's David Koch makes embarrassing blunder live on-air: 'Who?'

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch had quite an awkward slip-up live on-air during Monday morning’s broadcast while chatting with the show’s weatherman Sam Mac.

After Sam presented the weather from Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Kochie accidentally called him ‘Sean’ when transitioning to the next segment.

Sunrise’s David ‘Kochie’ Koch and Sam Mac.
Sunrise’s David ‘Kochie’ Koch accidentally called Sam Mac by the wrong name. Photos: Channel Nine

“Alright Sean, thank you,” he said as his co-host Natalie Barr looked at him with a confused expression. “Or Sam, whatever your name is.”

“Ah, Sam actually,” Sam corrected him with a laugh before making a joke of his own. “Thanks, Karl. Good to be on the show… We’ve worked together for eight years Kochie!”

Nat then explained that Kochie was thinking of “the guy who does the real work”, Sunrise's recently appointed executive producer Sean Power, who texts them updates throughout the show.

“He keeps us up to date on what’s really happening,” she continued. “Thank you, Sean. See you, Sean!”


Sam then pretended to mistake Kochie for the host of ABC News Breakfast, saying, “Thanks Michael Rowland, good to see you”.

The hosts erupted into laughter at the remark, before Kochie gave a deadpan look at the camera and asked, “Who?”


Kochie’s Sunrise co-star Edwina Bartholomew had her own on-air blunder on Monday morning as well when she repeatedly stumbled on her words while presenting the news.

“Millions of Australians are preparing for a rage rise,” she said, attempting to say ‘wage rise’.

“A rage rise,” she repeated, before eventually changing the script to say, “An increase in wages”.


The show’s Instagram account later shared a video of the two hilarious incidents, joking that the presenters were suffering from a case of ‘Mondayitis’.

“It’s one of those Mondays here at Sunrise,” they wrote.

The comments section on the post was quickly flooded with laughing emojis and users calling the video “hilarious” and “gold”.

Meanwhile, Sam reposted the clip on his Instagram Story alongside a broken heart emoji and the caption: “After all we’ve been through, Kochie got my name wrong.”

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