Sunrise's Mark Beretta shocks after admitting to dodgy office act

Sunrise's Mark Beretta has admitted to stealing other people's food from the office kitchen after Nat Barr shared a story of how her son's birthday ice cream had been stolen from the work freezer.

The topic came up when The Morning Show's Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies shared that they would be talking about the hilarious revenge tactics people have used after their lunch was stolen from the work fridge. Nat then shared that around ten years ago, someone had stolen something she had brought in for her son's birthday party.

Sunrise's Mark Beretta shocked Nat Barr after admitting to a dodgy office act ten years later. Photo: Seven
Sunrise's Mark Beretta shocked Nat Barr after admitting to a dodgy office act ten years later. Photo: Seven

"That happened to me once," she began. "The worst one that happened to me was I brought in ice creams - a box of ice creams - for my kid's birthday, put them in the work freezer and by the end of Sunrise, someone had eaten an ice cream!"

David 'Kochie' Koch then began pointing at Mark with Nat left shocked, asking, "Was that you?"


"If it was just one, it wasn't Beretts," Edwina Bartholomew joked, while Mark squirmed in his seat.

"It's hard to say," he sheepishly began as his co-hosts looked at him in surprise.

"For breakfast?" Nat questioned, still in shock.

"Yeah, we have – I mean obviously a lot of stuff comes in, it gets confusing ... I don't know, I can't be sure!" Mark added, trying to dodge the questions.

"You stole a child's ice cream!" Nat added, while pretending to be upset.

"Not just a child's ice cream, a child's birthday ice cream," Kochie corrected her.


"Oh, look, at the time it was just an ice cream, I mean, let's face it, until it's given to the child it's not a child's birthday ice cream is it? It's just another ice cream ... it was delicious!" Mark added, attempting to defend himself.

"You are hopeless," Kochie said, while Nat joked, "I'm tearing up, I'm getting emotional!"

"I'll replace them!" Mark responded, with Nat hitting back saying that she knows he won't, especially given the fact it's been ten years since the incident.

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