Sunrise guest takes brutal dig at David Koch live on-air: 'Old man'

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch was left stunned on Wednesday morning after a guest appearing on the breakfast show took a savage swipe at his age.

Weatherman Sam Mac was attending a puppy obedience training class in Western Sydney when Kochie asked a question about the correct way to train dogs.

Sunrise's Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch.
A Sunrise guest took a brutal dig at host David ‘Kochie’ Koch’s age. Photos: Channel Seven

“I was always told when we had dogs, you use your voice when they’re naughty,” he said before making a low guttural sound. “Is there still growling at them using your naughty voice?”

Sam then asked the school’s “expert” Sarah: “Are you supposed to growl and use your voice tone if they do something naughty, or is it more important to reward them if they do something good?”

“It’s more important to reward them if they do something good,” she replied. “That growling alpha thing, it’s so 1950s and totally debunked.”


The obedience class then erupted into laughter as Kochie and his co-host Nat Barr appeared stunned, with Nat asking, “1950s did you say?!”.

“I’m not calling you an old man or an old lady or anything,” Sarah continued, with Nat adding, “I think she is”.

“We’re science-based, force-free, modern, gentle methods,” Sarah explained.

Sunrise's Nat Barr and David ‘Kochie’ Koch.
Nat Barr and Kochie were left stunned by the dog trainer’s remark. Photo: Channel Seven


In an attempt to lighten the mood, Sam asked Sarah: “So how long have you been president of the Kochie fan club?”

“Um, for the past 20 years I think?” she replied.

After a video of the incident was shared on social media, a number of people took to the comments to commend Sarah’s remark.


“Well said Sarah!” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Blunt! So true though”.

“YAS!!! Get with the science!” a third shared, while someone else said, “Get with the program Kochie”.

“Go Sarah, it’s well past the ‘alpha/dominance’ bulls**t,” a different user replied. “Science-based positive training all the way. Well done girl for setting them straight.”

“Do you need some cream for that burn @kochie_online,” another laughed.

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