Shoppers go wild for new The Reject Shop homewares: 'I'm so happy'

Many people online shared that they couldn't believe they were shopping for home decor at The Reject Shop.

If you’ve noticed things looking a little different at The Reject Shop lately, you’re right. Over the past six months, the budget Aussie retailer has been implementing a fresh strategy influencing the purchasing patterns of shoppers in store.

For the past 40 years, The Reject Shop has established a reputation for offering low prices across everyday consumer items from clothes powder to deodorant. Now, they are venturing into a new phase, launching unique monthly homewares ranges.

The reject shop homewares
The Reject Shop is stepping up their homewares thanks to a new approach. Source: Supplied

The store’s Chief Operating Officer, Amy Eshuys, says the new merchandise strategy has been in play for the past six months and has already gained the store credibility in this space.

“We are trying to introduce a whole lot of newness in the home category, so that’s home decor, kitchen, home organisation and garden,” she told Yahoo News Australia.

“We’re sourcing products from really good partners and are focussed on getting good quality products at good price points. But we also want to offer something that you really can’t buy anywhere else.”

A fresh homewares collection featuring a different theme will be released in stores approximately every three to four weeks. Each entirely unique range will be accessible for a limited time before the introduction of another collection and may or may not be restocked.

Fruit-themed homewares take off on TikTok

The quick turnaround of product is certainly causing excitement for shoppers, with the store’s latest lemon and strawberry fruit-themed homewares range taking off on TikTok, sending shoppers into a frenzy to get their hands on sought-after pieces.

Popular TikToker Fidan, who runs the page @fidan_tok about her life as a divorce lawyer and mum of twins, shared her quest to find all things lemon in store with her 236,000 followers.

“I’m so happy I found it for $6,” she said of the store’s lemon platter, with her followers also buzzing with excitement over the plates, bowls, cups, coffee cups and cookie jar.

The reject shop homewares
Several TikTok accounts have created a viral love of the new range launching The Reject Shop into new territory. Source: TikTok/@fidan_tok/@haiills

TikToker Mark Polchleb, who runs the page @markp_ said, “I can’t believe I’m shopping for homewares in the Reject Shop” after discovering and falling in love with the range.

“The Reject Shop be slaying lately,” one person commented in response to his video, with another declaring, “The reject shop is the new Kmart, Target and Big W.”


How The Reject Shop plans to stand out

But the new product offering doesn't mean The Reject Shop will go head to head with the likes of Kmart or Big W any time soon. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

“We try to differentiate ourselves from everyone else. We want to have a unique product at exceptional prices, and we are trying to keep it all under $10,” Ms Eshuys says.

The Reject Shop's Chief Operating Officer, Amy Eshuys poses in front of products in store.
The Reject Shop's Chief Operating Officer, Amy Eshuys. Source: Supplied

“We are a discount retailer, we will always play in the same space as the Kmarts and Big Ws, but the goal is to really have something different.”

The new ranges have been carefully curated by the store’s buying team and are based on global market and social media trends, along with popular products from previous lines.

Shoppers can expect to see a new Cottage Harvest collection hit stores from next week, featuring a blue and white farm theme as well as large pumpkin serving bowls and salt and pepper shakers.

The reject shop homewares
The store's latest homewares range will hit shelves next week. Source: Supplied

Shoppers 'treasure hunt' in stores

Ms Eshuys suggests that shoppers approach The Reject Shop as if it were on a treasure hunt - you never know what you might find.

“And the whole point is that if you love that, you had better buy it because we won't have that for long,” she said.

Over the past year, The Reject Shop has seen an overall sales increase of 5.8 per cent, while comparable businesses have seen a four per cent increase. The positive growth numbers suggest shoppers are continuing to visit the store for affordable consumables thanks to the rising cost of living.

“That’s always been our core, and customers continue to love us for that,” Ms Eshuys says.

“Particularly at the moment with the rising cost of living, we have been very careful to make sure that our customers at this moment still get the absolute best price on things that they need every day.”

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