Kmart fans lose it over $20 budget bathroom cleaning hack: 'Adding to cart right now!'

Shoppers have praised the product as 'easily' cleaning bathroom surfaces with pretty impressive rults.

Cleaning the bathroom isn't exactly exciting, but Kmart shoppers are absolutely buzzing over the store's latest budget cleaning hack.

One shopper recently revealed she picked up the new Kmart Sneaker Cleaner - a battery-powered brush - but found a much better use for it. Taking to Facebook, she said the budget brush totally transformed her bathroom, cleaning every surface "easily" with pretty impressive results.

Using the $20 brush and the popular cleaning product The Pink Stuff, she said she added a little water and let the rotating brush do all the work.

The Queensland woman said she was so impressed with the results she couldn't keep the hack to herself, excitedly sharing it with the 400,000 fans in the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook group.

"Got this to clean the grout in my bathroom, and let me tell you, it worked a treat," she exclaimed alongside pictures of the process.

"I ended up doing the sinks, shower glass, pretty much the whole bathroom… Soooo easy!"

Kmart sneaker cleaner hack
The small but mighty brush can apparently be used across the entire bathroom including tiles, shower screens and walls. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks and Decor

Letting the before and after pictures speak for themselves, her post was soon flooded with more than 200 comments from dozens of others who loved her idea.

"Great idea!! I'm adding to click n collect cart now!!" One person said of her hack.

"Oh my gosh, I was only asking myself what I could use to clean my grout faster, as a toothbrush is seriously time-consuming. Buying one pronto!" added another.


Meanwhile, others said they, too, had purchased it as a sneaker cleaner but ended up using it around the home.

"​​Yes!! I bought this just the other day to clean the kid's sneakers, even though I always put them in the wash, and instead, I did the shower and our cream leather sofa with the soft sponge. So worth the $20!" Another person shared.

Dirty bathroom grout (left). The results after cleaning (right).
The impressive before and after pictures show how well it works. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks and Decor

The brush comes with three detachable brushes that can be used on different materials, including a hard and soft brush and a sponge.

An influx of Kmart fans has since started scrambling to get their hands on the budget buy, with many saying they instantly added it to their click-and-collect after seeing her perfectly clean bathroom.

Second shower cleaning hack delights online

And it seems the savvy Queensland woman is not the only one starting a new shower cleaning trend. In a separate post, another excited woman said she discovered an easy cleaning hack after discovering how well grout cleaner worked on her shower screens.

In a total fluke, the woman said she accidentally got some of the cleaning agent on the glass and couldn't believe that it instantly removed the caked-on soap scum.

Man cleans running shoes with electric sneaker clear (left). Close up of sneaker cleaning brush (right).
The small electric rotating brush is designed for sneakers but others are using it to clean different areas and surfaces in the home. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Hacks and Decor

She says she's found the answer after spending what she described as "way too much of her life" scrubbing showers and wasting a fortune on cleaning products.

"I was spraying my grout, and some of this sprayed onto the glass, and I noticed almost instantly a difference," she excitedly shared.

"So I sprayed a little more on the glass left for a few minutes and a quick scrub with a brush, and voila, clean glass!"

Sharing her cleaning "win" with the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, the woman revealed she purchased the $10.99 Life Long Grout Cleaner from Bunnings.

Dirty shower screen (left), Grout cleaner (centre), clean shower (right).
A mum has shared her impressive results from accidentally using grout cleaner on shower screen glass. Photo: Facebook/Mums Who Clean.

Apart from totally transforming her glass shower screens, she said it did an equally good job on the grout.

"It's an amazing spray! You leave for 5-10 minutes and only need a stiff broom. I use the grout broom I can get from Bunnings."

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