Woman reveals 'insane' iPhone laundry hack that's blowing people's minds

This hidden iOS 17 feature makes a common household chore much easier to do.

Did you ever imagine that your iPhone could become your personal laundry care guide? Well, hold onto your knickers, because this game-changing feature has been hiding in plain sight and is suddenly causing a stir on social media. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Popular TikToker @wtfaleisa recently discovered this crazy iPhone hack that can decipher the cryptic symbols on your clothing tags, providing specific laundry care instructions. With a whopping 3.5 million views on her video, it's safe to say the internet losing its collective mind over the find.

Tiktoker @wtfaleisa has shared how your iPhone can become your personal laundry care assistant. Photo: TikTok/@wtfaleisa
Tiktoker @wtfaleisa has shared how your iPhone can become your personal laundry care assistant. Photo: TikTok/@wtfaleisa

In her video, Aleisa demonstrates how the iPhone camera app can become your clothing care encyclopedia. She captures a standard clothing tag, complete with various care symbols that often leave us scratching our heads.


"No one knows what they mean," she remarks before introducing the iPhone's hidden functionality.

By simply taking a photo of the laundry tag and swiping up, users can access the "Laundry Care" feature. Tapping on it reveals a detailed explanation of each icon on the photographed tag, eliminating the need for deciphering vague symbols on a general chart. It's a personalised list tailored to the specific care instructions for your garment.

"I was definitely born in the right generation," Aleisa quips in the video. "What do you mean a little rectangle in my pocket can take a picture of the tags of my clothes and tell me exactly how to take care of them, without downloading an app? That's insane to me."

TikTokers were suitably floored as they stumbled across this little-known iPhone hack.

"Not all heroes wear capes! Thanks for this!" exclaimed one person, while others quickly joined in, revealing that a similar process could also reveal information about plant species and animal breeds. Who knew?

How to access laundry care information with your iPhone

1. Photograph a laundry label

Snap a photo of your laundry label using the camera app on your iPhone.

2. Open the photo and tap the 'i' button

Open the photo and tap the 'i' button in the Photos app. Look for the sparkly washing machine icon.

3. Tap look up laundry

Select "Look Up Laundry Care" from the options.

4. View the laundry instructions

Access the internet-sourced laundry care instructions.

Doing your laundry has never been so easy!

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