Kmart fans rubbish shop's 'game-changing' $8 hack: 'Literally doing what it's designed for'

Shoppers have weighed in on whether the product really qualifies as a 'hack.'

While Kmart has long been hailed as a mecca for ingenious hacks, their latest attempt at introducing a laundry organisation "game-changer" has sparked a robust social media roast. The comments section of the retailer's social media platform exploded with mixed reactions from Kmart fans who contend that it's "not really a hack."

In a post on their official Instagram, Kmart shared a video featuring their $12 magnetic basket with the caption, "When it comes to keeping your laundry organised, our magnetic basket is a game-changer!"

Kmart fans were quick to point out that the storage solution isn't really a 'hack'. Photo: Instagram/Kmart
Kmart fans were quick to point out that the storage solution isn't really a 'hack'. Photo: Instagram/Kmart


The video demonstrated the plastic container affixed to the side of a clothes dryer, serving as a storage solution for laundry products. The comments section, however, was flooded with skeptics questioning the authenticity of the so-called hack.

"Is it really a hack if it's literally doing what it is designed for?" one user quipped, while another shared a more creative use, stating, "We keep one on the side of our fridge with the takeout menus in it, that's more of a hack than this." Others asserted the so-called hack lacks legitimacy if it doesn't "alter the original use or aesthetics of the product."

Others were also quick to point out potential issues, with one user recounting a personal experience, stating, "My magnet fell off the first time." Doubts about the hack's reliability also arose, with users commenting, "We all know it's falling as soon as the dryer is turned on," and, "Until it holds weight, then BANG, massive clean up."

Despite the backlash, some customers defended the magnetic basket, attesting to its surprising capacity. Kmart even joined the discussion, confirming that the product can "hold up to 3kg at its maximum weight capacity."

The debate went on to trigger a widespread chuckle about the excessive and often misapplied use of the term "hack." One savvy user aptly summed it up: "Hack...the most overused and misappropriated word of a generation."

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