The Aldi product this cleaner swears by to get rid of mould: 'Works wonders'

And it's among the most affordable cleaning sprays available.

Battling kitchen and bathroom mould just got a whole lot easier thanks to a budget-friendly cleaning product that appears to have become a go-to for many. In a discussion in the popular Aldi Mums Facebook group, a professional cleaner has shared her top choice for banishing mould and soap scum without breaking the bank: Aldi's own brand Mould Away.

While it's not uncommon to see Aldi customers raving about the store's DiSan products on social media, this cleaner said she can't go past the discount retailer's Power Force Mould Away spray, priced at just $2.79.

Cleaning product recommended by cleaners from ALDI
The professional cleaner swears by Aldi's Mould Away for tackling bathroom mould. Photo: Aldi

"I'm a cleaner, and this stuff works wonders on mould and soap scum and is like half the price of Woolies and Coles," she revealed.

Indeed, the mould removal spray is Aldi's answer to the popular cleaning product Exit Mould and can be purchased for a quarter of the price, with its counterpart ringing up at $9.50 for the same quantity.


The positive review was echoed by other group members who praised the product's effectiveness and affordability.

One member shared, "Totally agree; I always have a couple of bottles on hand." Another user highlighted the product's versatility, stating, "Works on everything, stains on white clothes, etc. I sprayed it on my sink this morning - WOW."

Pandemic disinfection. Man in yellow gloves cleans bathroom tap and the bath and sink. Maid in yellow protective gloves washing dirty bath tap or sink. Hands of man wash or cleans up bath. Close-up.
Aldi shoppers are raving about Power Force Mould Away spray. Photo: Getty

While several members expressed that "all Aldi cleaning products are good," the general consensus amongst the group was that Mould Away "works a treat." And these claims have been backed up by CHOICE, who have given the cleaning spray an expert rating of 86%.

Despite its impressive results, the professional cleaner did go on to offer a caution about the product's potent smell, advising users to ensure proper ventilation during application.

For those sensitive to the strong scent, she suggested an alternative: Jif, which comes with minimal odour.

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