Robert Irwin's fans have defended the star after trolls targeted his Instagram

Robert uploaded a series of holiday snaps, but online trolls took it a step too far.

The Irwin family
The Irwin family share a close bond. Photo:

Online trolls have targeted Robert Irwin and his mother Terri, prompting fans of the Irwins to rise to their defence after Robert shared an innocent Instagram photo of the pair during a recent trip to the US.

Robert uploaded a series of pics of his travel adventures, with Terri featuring in only two of the shots. However, some people decided to take offence to the fact Robert was travelling with his mum.

“Is Robert and his mother joined at the hip? She is in every pic you see of him,” one person commented. "Why yo momma always gotta be with you everywhere you go," another person commented, with someone replying underneath, "Robert is like 20. He needs to see the world by himself."

Others leapt to the defence of Robert and his close relationship with his mum. "People saying why Robert has his mum in so many photos...remember every day is precious. Life is fragile," one person commented. "The Irwins like millions of other families have experienced loss on a monumental scale. Steve was larger than life🌹. It’s lovely that they do spend so much time with each other. Don’t be so critical."

Steve Irwin with Bindi and Robert
Steve Irwin's kids have continued his legacy. Photo:


"Looks like you and your mom had an absolutely amazing time while visiting in the States!" another person commented.

Just two weeks ago, Terri Irwin took to Instagram to share a series of sweet snaps with her kids Bindi and Rob, saying being a mum is the "best part" of her life.

"Being a mum is the best part of my life. When Steve passed, it was not a burden being a single mum, it was actually my children that gave me purpose, courage, and happiness every day," she wrote. "Bindi and Robert are the reason I can stand strong, meet every challenge, and embrace every adventure. As a mother, I am truly blessed."


Her kids shared the love with Robert commenting underneath, "Love you, mum!" and Bindi commenting, "I love these beautiful photos and memories. Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me and Robert. And now for Grace. It means more than I can possibly describe. I love you."

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