Robert Irwin left cringing over The Project guest's X-rated joke

'Stop! He is practically a child!'

The Project’s Sarah Harris was forced to put her hands over Robert Irwin’s ears on the show last night during a very X-rated segment.

The 20-year-old Wildlife Warrior was on the current affairs chat show as part of the panel ahead of his hosting debut on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!.

However, things took a turn when British comedian Russell Howard appeared as a guest on the show and proceeded to tell some NSFW jokes.

Robert Irwin and Sarah Harris
Sarah Harris covered Robert Irwin's ears on The Project. Photo: The Project

Russell launched into a series of stories about his encounter with Robert at Australia Zoo during his last tour of Australia, saying: “I spent some time with Robert, which was really fun. And the oddest moment about it, I was holding a baby koala – I don’t know if it was a baby, I think it was a male koala, and he started doing the mating noise. Which is like, panting, so Robert is doing it too and this koala is like, ‘Yeah, mate, yeah!’”


Both Robert and the audience started laughing, with Russell continuing: “But what made it really unnerving is before you started doing that, you told me that koalas had chlamydia, and so I’m holding it and he is doing that noise and the koala was generally going, ‘That’s the stuff, Rob, yeah, I’ll give you something to whinge about, Pom.’ It was properly weird!”

Sarah Harris looked shocked as she said: “Stop! He is practically a child!”

Photo: The Project
Photo: The Project

Not deterred, Russell continued to chat about the segment on his podcast called a ‘Wonder Box’ where his guests reveal their favourite things they would put in it.

When asked what he would have in his own ‘Wonder Box’, Russell said: “Well, I would have to put, I think, probably my nan is probably my favourite thing.”

The hosts replied: “Well, you can’t put her in a box,” with Howard saying: “Well she is already dead, so …”

Russell explained that his nan was ‘just really funny’ like all the women in his life, saying: “My mum is great, last Christmas my mum said, out of nowhere, ‘I don’t see the point of flavoured condoms, it’s not like my fanny can’t taste!’”

Robert Irwin could be seen putting his hands over his eyes while Sarah Harris placed her hands over his ears saying: “Earmuffs, earmuffs.”

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