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The 'fun' and durable toy that also trains your dog: 'Such a great tool'

This handcrafted toy can help your dog with impulse control.

Dogs are Australia's favourite pet, with 40 per cent of Aussie households owning at least one furry friend. But, it can take a lot of effort to entertain a pet pooch. As well as daily walks, they need to be stimulated and kept happy at home.

Now there's a new toy on the market that is designed to give your dog both mental stimulation as well as a physical challenge - and is also perfect when training a new puppy.

"Just the sight of the flirt pole makes my dog ready to play," says one owner. "It's a great tool for impulse control and other training. We are having so much fun with this."

Flirt Pole
The Flirt Pole is designed to help keep your dog stimulated. Photo: Supplied

The Flirt Pole has been developed by Positive K9 Training, which specialises in providing high-quality dog training toys and equipment.

Designed to enhance your dog's training experience, it also can help strengthen the bond between you and your dog.


The pole comes with a variety of attachments so it can be used with different dogs and in different situations. Australian-sourced reinforced sheepskin brings durability and comfort, while the cow and kangaroo hide have been selected for their natural appeal and strength. Split suede strips give your dog a choice of textures and materials to play with while also feeling very soft.

The pole also comes with a robust climbing rope for extra stimulation, while ensuring reliability and safety even during energetic playtimes.

Flirt pole attachments
The Flirt Pole comes with a variety of different attachments. Photo: Supplied

The flirt pole doubles as a heeling and position stick and has two handles which allows for easy switching between hands and maintaining a firm hold during dynamic play sessions.

The handles come in an extra long version, and a cane version too, so you can choose the right option for your dog.

All the flirt poles are handmade in Melbourne using eco-friendly, natural, durable Australian materials.

There's 10% off all Flirt Poles for a limited time.

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