Mum's simple grape hack goes viral on Instagram: 'That blew my mind'

One person described it as "genius".

Two photos of a mum demonstrating a grape hack
The mum demonstrated how easy it is to get grapes off the stem. Photo: Instagram/twincitiesmama

A mum has taken to social media to share an extremely simple food hack that makes serving grapes a breeze. As we all know, it can be quite hectic when you’re running around after kids, so any time saved is a bonus.

The influencer, Erica, demonstrated her hack in a short video. She began by putting a bunch of grapes into a snaplock bag and shook it vigorously for a few seconds. Then, like magic, she pulled the clean stem out to demonstrate how all the grapes had fallen off into the bag.

“Have we all seen this grape hack? We go through grapes like nobody’s business in this house so this will be put to good use,” she wrote in the caption. “Also yes, I’m in my 30s and this kind of stuff brings me joy. Let me have it.”


Erica told her followers that she couldn’t wait to try the hack out for herself and said her mind was “still blown”, saying: “I was so excited when I brought my groceries home this morning.”

When one person asked if shaking the grapes made them soft or bruised, the mum said her grapes seemed to be completely fine.

Her video has been watched over 1.4 million times and many people have commented on the post in disbelief.

“Lord. That’s a game changer,” one person wrote.

“That blew my mind WAY more than it should have,” another admitted.

“Store them in glass unless you eat [them] fast. Mason jar is amazing,” a third suggested.

“Then throw them in the freezer for a healthy icy snack,” another added.

A mum pulling a grape out of a snaplock bag and eating it
The grapes weren't soft or bruised. Photo: Instagram/twincitiesmama

However, some people advised against the simple grape hack for different reasons.

“I did that and my kids ate 1.3kg of grapes in four hours. They didn’t even last a full day, never saw the inside of the refrigerator,” one mum said.


“They stay fresher on the stalk as it inhibits oxygen penetration to the grape,” another pointed out.

“Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing! When you leave the grapes on the stems they last longer,” a third chimed in.

“But then I can’t dangle the vine above me and eat like Greek aristocracy,” another joked.

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