Mum's genius hack to make use of wasted parts of strawberries: 'Great idea'

Don't toss those scraps...transform them into delicious delights.

As the cost of groceries continues to climb, households are getting more creative in stretching their budgets and making the most of every ingredient. Recently, one savvy mum took to Facebook to share her ingenious hack for repurposing strawberry tops, turning what might have been discarded into a sweet treat for her family.

"Creating something from scraps is a great way to save money," she shared with the $10 Meals Australia Budget Cooking Community. "Today I tried strawberry syrup from strawberry tops I have been saving in the freezer for a few weeks."

The clever cook shared a clever kitchen hack for turning strawberry tops into sweet syrup. Photo: Facebook/$10 Meals Australia Cooking Community
The clever cook shared a clever kitchen hack for turning strawberry tops into sweet syrup. Photo: Facebook/$10 Meals Australia Cooking Community

Her method was simple yet effective: she simmered the strawberry tops with sugar and water, then strained the liquid to create a flavoursome syrup. "I made pancakes while keeping watch on it. Hit with the kids. I did a lemon one on the weekend," she added.


But her resourcefulness didn't stop there. She also shared her experience with roasting a duck for the first time, demonstrating how she repurposed the drippings and carcass to make a rich broth. It's all about maximising value and minimising waste in the kitchen.

Sweet savings

The group was quick to express their admiration for her ideas. "Such a great idea with the strawberries," one person commented, while another pondered the lifespan of the syrup.

"Can this syrup be preserved/canned? Or does it have to be used right away?" they asked, eager to extend its shelf life and provide a sweet addition to meals for weeks to come.

"It depends on how much sugar is in it, versus water," someone responded. "One to one ratio should last a month or two. Two to one (more sugar) can last possibly up to six months."

Vegetable broth
Another member shared that they use saved vegetable scraps to make broth for winter lunches. Photo: Getty

The discussion continued as members exchanged tips and tricks for utilising kitchen scraps in creative ways. "I make fruit juice from mine!" one person shared, highlighting another way to reduce waste and maximise flavour.

Creative kitchen solutions

"With leftover fruits you can also make fruit leather! Puree it and then bake in the oven at 60 degrees for a minimum of 4 hours depending on thickness," another member chimed in, offering a delicious solution for excess fruits.


"I do vege scrap soup in a similar way," added a member. "Save vege scraps in a container in the freezer, boil up with some stock... perfect winter lunches at work!"

So next time you're tempted to toss out those strawberry tops or vegetable scraps, think again. With a little creativity, you might just turn them into something delicious—and save some cash in the process.

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