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These 'game-changing' condoms are some of the thinnest in Australia

The new range from Moments is designed to help empower women.

Sexual empowerment for women is no longer taboo, and many sexual health brands have tapped into the fact that women want to be in control of their sex lives. Aussie-founded sexual health and wellness company, Moments, was founded in Melbourne in 2017 and believes in health, empowerment and play.

Its new condom range is both innovative and fun for everyone who uses it and is designed specifically to help empower women to confidently explore and enjoy their sexual health journey.

Man and woman lying on bed
Moments has a new condom range designed to help women feel confident. Photo: Supplied

The range includes four new designs, including one of the thinnest condoms available to purchase in Australia and to celebrate the launch of the new range, Moments is offering a 20% discount for March using code SLAY20.

The Mega Thin 0.03 is 20% thinner than the original Moments Ultra Thin, and people are raving about the feel of it. "Unbelievably thin. Great quality," says one happy customer. "Game changer. Perfect fit," agrees another.


The extra-thin design is made to feel like there's nothing there. Gyno-tested and vegan-friendly, they are extra-lubricated, with a straight fit, and are made from premium quality natural rubber latex.

Moments' Mega Thin 0.03 condoms
Moments' Mega Thin 0.03 condoms, $12 for 12, are one of the thinnest condoms on the market in Australia. Photo: Supplied

Adding to the innovative range are the Inside and Out Lubricated condoms. The first of their kind in Australia, they're designed to double the pleasure for both partners, and contain an outside warming lubricant for her, and an inside cooling lubricant for him. Vegan society certified, they're made from premium quality natural rubber latex condoms and are non-spermicidal.

Woman holding up The Mega Thin 0.03
The Inside & Out Lubricated are $12 for 12. Photo: Supplied

The Tight Fit style is a secure fit that's designed for intense intimacy. The tight fit adds a heightened sensation for both partners.

Tight Fit style condoms in jeans pocket
The Tight Fit style is $9 for 12. Photo: Supplied

The Super Studded condoms come with strategically positioned raised studs for extra stimulation, designed to seriously intensify your experience and take your pleasure to the next level.

Moments' Super Studded condoms
Moments' Super Studded condoms, $12 for 12. Photo: Supplied

Like all the other condoms in the Moments range, they're gyno-tested and vegan-friendly.

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