Pistachio and pomegranate cake

This gorgeous pomegranate cake by Rachel Khoo deserves to be put on a pedestal. It's almost too pretty to eat!

Cauliflower cheese burgers

Wrap your hand round Rachel Khoo's delicious cauliflower cheeseburger, take a big bite and let some of the burger juice dribble down your hand . . . just like the real deal!

Chocolate bark

Rachel Khoo's chocolate bark recipe couldn’t be simpler. It's great for a snack, as an after-dinner treat or as the perfect edible gift.

Tropical Coconut Energiser

This body refresher drink from Fern Green's Mocktail Manual hits all the right spots. The ginger helps to stimulate blood circulation, which will pick you up if you’re feeling low energy.

Coriander and Citrus Water

This vitamin packed water from Fern Green's Mocktail Manual goes wonderfully with Thai or Indian food, as it’s both refreshing to drink and enhances the flavours of these cuisines. It’s …