Simple food hacks that will change your life

To keep you in the loop about all the crazy scientific ways to cut a cake or pizza, we've put together some simple food hacks that will make eating and preparing food a whole lot easier!

Three must-try Rachel Khoo recipes

British celebrity chef, food writer and TV star Rachel Khoo has been revealed as MKR's new judge! To celebrate, here are three heavenly recipes from Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook, they're a must-try.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Cake

You don't have to feel guilty tucking into Luke Hines and Scott Gooding's Neapolitan ice cream cake because it's healthy and utterly delicious!

Mango Lime Chia Pudding

These little puddings by Luke Hines and Scott Gooding have summer written all over them. They’re fresh, zesty, simple to make and oh so addictive.

Simple chocolate fudge cake

Want to make a cake that takes minimal time but looks and tastes as though you've been slaving in the kitchen? Make Lyndey Milan's simple chocolate fudge cake.

Lyndey Milan’s top cake baking tips

Baking can be daunting for most home cooks. To help demystify the myths we spoke with dessert queen and TV chef, Lyndey Milan for her expert tips. Here's how to achieve a perfect cake, every time.

Cauliflower cheese burgers

Wrap your hand round Rachel Khoo's delicious cauliflower cheeseburger, take a big bite and let some of the burger juice dribble down your hand . . . just like the real deal!

Chocolate bark

Rachel Khoo's chocolate bark recipe couldn’t be simpler. It's great for a snack, as an after-dinner treat or as the perfect edible gift.