Ultimate Mother's Day gift guide: 40 ideas at every price point

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Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 9, and if you haven't worked out what to get your mum for Mother's Day yet, fear not, we've got loads of gift ideas at every price point for the beautiful mums and grandmothers in your life.

Scroll down Mother's Day gifts for under $50, under $150, under $300, and over $300, available right around Australia.

Mother's day gifts for $50 and under:

Bath bomb duo: $18

If your mum is your world, give her the sky (and a rainbow) with these cute bath bombs. One is apple scented and the other smells like lemon.

pair of bath bombs from lush for mothers day australia
This pair of bath bombs come gift wrapped for $18. Photo: Lush

Women of a Certain Rage: $25

Give her a good read with this is honest and energising collection of 20 Aussie women’s stories of rage.

It's a unique piece of writing that looks at how the writers - who are from all walks of life and span every generation - have used their anger to inspire action.

Women of a certain rage book cover
Who knew so much anger could be so energising? This Aussie book is a good read. Photo: Booktopia

Instant glow pre-event mask: $29

While it may not be the best present on its own, this hydrating, illuminating and rejuvenating mask from Ella Bache is a good one to add to a gift bundle or pop into a card, especially if she’s got a special event coming up that she wants to look extra radiant for.

Add this pre-event instant glow mask to her Mother's Day gift. Photo: Ella Bache
Add this pre-event instant glow mask to her Mother's Day gift. Photo: Ella Bache

Microwavable slippers: $35

Oprah listed these beauties as one of her favourite things back in 2019. They're filled with dried millet seeds and french lavender to keep your feet cosy (and smelling delightful) for up to an hour after 60 seconds in the microwave.

microwavable slippers
Oprah's favourite pair of microwavable slippers can be purchased on Amazon Australia. Photo: Amazon Australia

Ceramic and silicone coffee cup: $37

Busy mums rarely get to drink their coffee hot, but a stylish reusable cup like this one will keep it warmer for longer.

reusable coffee cup
This cute reusable coffee cup is $37. Photo: Amazon Australia

Chocolate Moon Mylk: $40

This bedtime brew from Naked Harvest is filled with herbs, vitamins and minerals that are designed to relax your mind and body, and it has a delicious chocolate flavour.

Naked Harvest’s Chocolate Moon Mylk
Naked Harvest’s Chocolate Moon Mylk is all about relaxation before bed. Photo: Naked Harvest

Rose quartz roller: $40

Add a little extra luxury to her beauty routine with a rose quartz roller. These are designed to help promote skin cell rejuvenation, reduce puffiness and dark circles, and relieve facial tension which we all know mums could use!

Rose quartz roller for mothers day 2021
This Rose quartz roller will add some extra elegance to her beauty draw for just $40. Photo: Adore Beauty

Personalised chocolate bookcase: $43

Go gourmet with this customisable set of four chocolate blocks from Melbourne-based chocolatiers Koko Black.

You choose the blocks she'll like best from a range that includes Koko Black's native Australian line with options such as macadamia and wattleseed milk chocolate, spotted gum honey white chocolate, and Davidson plum single origin dark chocolate.

chocolate Koko Black bookcase
This Koko Black chocolate bookcase is customisable. Photo: Koko Black

Glowtown kit: $45

This compact beauty kit from Salt by Hendrix contains a Glowtown Hemp Seed Face Oil to add radiance to dry skin, and a Jade Gua Sha to rub over your skin to reduce puffiness.

Glowtown kit
She'll feel pampered with this Glowtown kit. Photo: Adore Beauty

Plant print: $49

Brighten up an empty wall with this Melbourne-designed cactus print that’ll pair perfectly with her indoor plant collection.

cactus print on a pink background
This $49 cactus print on a pink background is by Melbourne-based artist Dom Gauci. Photo: DG Designs

Mother's Day gifts for $150 and under:

5x healthy lunches: $57

Forget sandwiches or leftovers, treat her to lunch for an entire week with healthy, precooked meals delivered by The Healthy Mummy.

They don’t have lock in contracts so you won't have to continue receiving meals if you opt out after ordering.

bowl of chicken massaman curry with brown rice
Organise healthy lunches like this chicken massaman curry with brown rice, for her for an entire week for $57. Photo: The Healthy Mummy

Travel size organic skincare kit: $60

This trio of hydrating moisturiser, purifying gel cleanser and vitalise elixir from Aussie skincare brand Maaemo is perfect for the gym or any domestic travel she's planning this year.

Discovery Kit from Maaemo
This Discovery Kit from Maaemo is $60. Photo: Maaemo

Airfryer pizza master: $73

Airfryers have surged in popularity since Covid times as people discover how easy it is to get crispy karage, pork crackling and sweet potato fries at home.

If she's already got a Philips XXL Airfryer, this additional attachment will expand her repertoire, making perfect pizzas in just eight minutes.

Philips Airfryer Pizza Master
This Philips Airfryer Pizza Master will give her perfect pizzas. Photo: Phillips

Power phone case: $75

This women's power phone case will keep her smart phone safe without being bulky. It's made from 50% recycled materials and comes in sizes for both iPhones and Samsungs.

power fist Casetify phone case for mothers day 2021
This $75 phone case from Casetify is all about strong women. Photo: Casetify

Seamless leggings: $75

Activewear is the official uniform of Australian mums, so why not add to her collection with a pair of these seamless leggings from Stax.

model wearing pink leggings
These leggings are great for workouts and chilling out. Photo: Stax

Hush Puppies slides: $80 currently on sale for $60

Keep her feet cosy now that the cooler months are upon us with some stylish fluffy slippers.

navy blue slipper slides for mothers day
These cute Hush Puppies slides come in pink, white or navy. Photo: Hush Puppies

Drops of Youth beauty bundle: $85

This luscious beauty bundle from The Body Shop is made from edelweiss stem cells from the Italian alps.

Drops of Youth fresher skin kit for mothers day australia 2021
This Drops of Youth fresher skin kit is $85. Photo: The Body Shop

Mermade Hair Pro Waver: $89

These Mermade wavers have been a massive hit on social media where the mermaid hair trend - which is pretty much the 20s' answer to the crimped hairstyles that were all the rage in the 80s and 00s - has really taken off.

If she's a fan of MAFS she would've seen Alana use one to get tumbling, beachy waves for a dinner party.

woman using Mermade waver
Give her Kim Kardashian-like locks with this Mermade waver. Photo: Mermade

Cotton PJs: $90

This 100% cotton set of pyjamas from Atmos&here is cosy and comfy and perfect as she transitions her wardrobe for winter.

pink pj set
PJs and loungewear are a mum's unofficial uniform, this set is going for $90. Photo: The Iconic

LEGO flower bouquet: $90

If she's obsessed with LEGO Mastersat the moment, then she'll love putting together this LEGO flower bouquet.

LEGO flower bouquet for mother's day
This LEGO flower bouquet is $90. Photo: LEGO

L'Occitane relaxation bundle: $99

This Mother’s Day set from L'Occitane is all about relaxation with a pillow mist, shea lavender liquid soap and a candle.

L'Occitane relaxation bundle Mother’s Day Gift
This L'Occitane relaxation bundle is $99. Photo: L'Occitane

Decanter: $100 currently on sale for $70

Red wine season is upon us and this traditional 1.5L decanter is currently on sale at Myer.

elegant glass decanter
This elegant decanter is also dishwasher safe. Photo: Myer

Oodie: $109 currently on sale for $84

Blanket meets hoodie in this genius design which is flannel fleece on the outside and super soft sherpa fleece on the inside.

Kmart has tried to create a cheaper knockoff but it doesn't compares to Oodie's quality and range of colours.

bulldog Oodie
Nothing is more cosy than an Oodie on a chilly winter's day and this Frenchie bulldog style is currently on sale. Photo: Oodie

Sheet set: $120 currently on sale for $84

Add a little luxury to her bedtime with this set of 300 thread count sateen cotton sheets from Haven.

 Queen size sheet set
There's nothing like crawling into bed with a set of fresh sheets, and this Queen size set is currently on sale for $84. Photo: Haven

Natural throw: $120

Keep her cosy this autumn with this $120 Marsala Natural Throw from Adairs that looks great draped over a couch or at the end of a bed.

natural throw blanket from Adairs
This natural throw from Adairs retails for $120. Photo: Adairs

Australian pink clay masks: $129 currently on sale for $103

This pink clay beauty bundle from Aussie skincare brand Sand&Sky will give her baby soft skin. It includes a pore refining mask, exfoliating mask and a full body shower scrub.

Sand&Sky pink clay set
Treat her to an at home spa day with this set from Sand&Sky. Photo: Sand&Sky

Liquid Gold serum: $129

This liquid gold serum from Aussie skincare brand Alpha H is widely popular and uses glycolic acid along with ferulic and lactic acids to clear dead skin buildup and help your complexion glow.

It's got a luxurious feel, but the best part is that it's designed to be slotted into your existing skincare routine as an emergency treatment when your skin needs a bit of extra love.

model holding up Alpha H Liquid Gold serum
Alpha H's Liquid Gold serum slots easily into her existing skincare routine. Photo: Alpha H

Silk pillowcase and eye mask: $132

If she's mad about her hair, a silk pillowcase like this Slip one made of Mulberry silk is designed to reduce split ends and is also supposed to be great for anti-ageing.

slip silk pillowcase
Silk is supposed to be great for your skin and hair. Photo: Slip

Mother's Day gifts under $300:

Lululemon bag: $159

This cute multi-purpose bag is great for yogis as it comes with a strap to hold her yoga mat, an external, easy access pocket for her drink bottle, and there's a secure spot for her laptop inside too.

grey Lululemon bag
This $159 Lululemon bag will hold everything she needs to go from the office to the gym. Photo: Lululemon

7x pack Period undies bundle: $219 currently on sale for $197

Save her from buying single use period products again with a mixed set of 7 undies from Aussie label ModiBodi.

They have a really wide range of styles including seam-free, lace-trimmed and curvy designs to suit every environmentally-friendly mum.

period undies from ModiBodi
She'll never have to buy pads or tampons again with this 7x pack from ModiBodi. Photo: ModiBodi

Leather Apple Watch strap: $229

Give her Apple Watch a stylish upgrade with this leather strap. They come in pink, dark purple, brown and red.

pink leather Apple Watch strap
She won't have to compromise on style with this chic leather Apple Watch strap. Photo: Apple


Fitbit Versa 2: $244

Fitness tracker meets smart watch in the Fitbit Versa 2 which syncs with your phone to show messages and calls and allows you to set targets and follow workouts from your wrist.

If she's looking to get more shut eye, it’s sleep tracker goes into great detail about your night, plus it has a week-long battery life so it keeps on going and going.

 Fitbit Versa 2
Track your sleep and workout routine with this Fitbit Versa 2. Photo: Fitbit

Noise cancelling ear buds: $270

These True Mute ear buds from Defunc will block out the ambient noise so she can focus on what she's listening to.

noise cancelling ear buds from Defunc
These noise cancelling ear buds are $270. Photo: Defunc

Leather ankle boots: $270

Keep her feet warm this winter with some stylish new leather ankle boots like this pair from Jo Mercer.

 leather ankle boots
These stylish boots are $270. Photo: Jo Mercer

Mother's Day gifts for $300 plus:

Cricut Joy: $349 currently on sale for $289

Creative mums will find no end of things to create with a Cricut Joy, literally half of Etsy looks like it’s been made with one.

These bad boys are all about personalisation and can be used for tons of custom creations from printed t-shirts, to vinyl decals to decorate the kids bedrooms, to monogrammed key rings and coasters and drink bottles and everything in between.

Cricut Joy
She customise the labels on her whole pantry with labels from a Cricut Joy. Photo: Cricut Joy

Transformation skincare bundle: $398

While she may not have been able to take that Italian holiday, her skin can travel to the wild hills of Sicily with this Rituale Luminoso Transformation skincare bundle from Furtuna Skin.

It includes their Micellar Cleansing Essence, Face and Eye Serum and Moisturizing Oil which are all made using wild-foraged, organic ingredients.

 trio of products from Furtuna Skin
This trio of products is designed to boost your skin's luminosity, and defend against common environmental skin stressors. Photo: Furtuna Skin

Weighted blanket: $449 currently on sale for $299

She can make the most of her downtime cuddled up on the couch with a weighted blanket designed to help ease stress and anxiety.

This handwoven weighted blanket comes in four colours and with a free silk eye mask.

grey handwoven weighted blanket and silk eye mask
This gorgeous weighted blanket comes with a silk eye mask and is currently on sale. Photo: Calming Blankets

Theragun massage gun: $499

It seems niggling knots are part and parcel of being a mum, which is where a massage gun comes in handy. They're more expensive than a single professional massage, but she can work on her aches and pains whenever they spring up, increasing blood flow to the muscles and helping to reduce tension and inflammation.

The Theragun is something of a cult-buy among celebs and professional athletes, and a good choice if she’s serious about her fitness goals.

theragun massage gun
She can have a massage everyday with this massage gun. Photo: Theragun

Dyson hair dryer set: $549

Make every day a good hair day with this Dyson Supersonic hair dryer bundle set.

The limited edition fuchsia coloured hair dryer uses smart technology to monitor and regulate the temperature of the air to protect from heat damage. The set also includes a matching detangling comb and barrel brush.

pink Dyson Supersonic with comb and barrel brush for mothers day
The Dyson Supersonic revolutionises the hair dryer and currently comes with a free comb and barrel brush. Photo: Dyson

LED Light Therapy Mask: $630 currently on sale for $480

This silicone face mask uses anti-aging red light and near infra-red light therapy to stimulate the skin’s natural rejuvenation process, creating a glowing complexion that is noticeably healthier looking.

It's also reported to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve skin’s tone, texture and firmness in four weeks, and it has a celebrity following in the likes of Carey Mulligan, Kaley Cuoco, Renee Zellweger, Gal Gadot, and Suki Waterhouse.

Celeb favourite LED skincare mask
Celeb beauty meets scifi with this odd-looking LED skincare mask that's supposed to be great for skin tightening. Photo: CurrentBody

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