Lego Masters 2021: Meet the new eight teams competing

Hamish Blake is back as Lego Masters returns for season three on Monday April 19.

Ryan “Brickman” McNaught also returns as judge to help decide which of the eight new teams make it through to the grand finale.

Hamish Blake lego masters season three
Hamish Blake is back with Lego Masters for season three. Photo: Channel Nine

Across the next few weeks teams will battle it out to win the title of 2021 Lego Masters and the $100,000 prize.


Meet the Lego Masters 2021 teams

Anthony and Jess – Queensland

Hotel concierge Anthony and science communicator Jess are from Queensland. Anthony is a lifelong lover of Lego and specialises in replicas. He has an extensive knowledge of bricks and their correct names, while Jess considers herself a relative beginner.

lego masters 2021 Anthony and Jess
Lego Masters contestants Anthony and Jess. Photo: Channel Nine

Fleur and Sarah – Victoria

Sarah has been building with Lego her entire life, where as Fleur admits she has had a 32-year “dark age” of building Lego since her childhood. Sarah estimates that she owns around 50,000 Lego pieces and Fleur has around 110,000.

lego masters mums Fleur and Sarah
Mums Fleur and Sarah are sure to provide some laughs. Photo: Channel Nine

Ryan and Gabby – Victoria

Occupational therapist Gabby incorporates Lego into her work, and she was part of a course that used Lego play to help adults with mental health issues communicate with her. She played with Lego as a kid with her brothers but never owned her own sets, as “back then Lego wasn’t really aimed at girls”. Ryan like many adults had a hiatus from playing Lego but found his passion again in 2008, throwing himself into Lego particularly in the last four years.

lego masters Ryan and Gabby contestants
Ryan and Gabby join the show from Victoria. Photo: Channel Nine

Owen and Scott – Western Australia

Owen and Scott have been best friends since high school and say their Lego skills compliment each other perfectly. As an engineer, Owen is no stranger to building something out of nothing. Scott is an electrician and says the friends became obsessed with Lego after visiting a Lego store in Amsterdam.

lego masters friends Owen and Scott
Owen and Scott found their Lego passion during a trip to Amsterdam. Photo: Channel Nine

Michael and Harrison – NSW/ACT

Uni friends from Canberra, Michael is now a physiotherapist and incorporates Lego into the therapy he does with his patients. Harrison is a PhD candidate in chemistry and loves "how you can start with a seemingly random array of pieces and somehow, following the perfect sequence, form an amazing piece of art.”

Michael and Harrison lego masters 2021
Michael and Harrison join Lego Masters in 2021. Photo: Channel Nine

Amy and Dawei – Victoria

Dawei, an auditor, and content creator Amy together created the YouTube channel FloxyBloxie where they review Lego together. Dawei has spent tens of thousands of dollars on Lego since getting back into it in a big way just a year ago. Collectible Minifigs are Amy’s favourite.

Amy and Dawei Lego Masters
Amy and Dawei are also from Victoria. Photo: Channel Nine

David and Gus – Victoria

Gus is an engineer and applied to be on Lego Masters because he knew it was the perfect opportunity to challenge his creativity. Project Manager David has only been living in Australia since 2015. He grew up in Colombia and his family still live there.

David and Gus on lego masters in 2021
David and Gus are one of eight new teams in 2021. Photo: Channel Nine

Atlanta and Jeff – South Australia

Together, Atlanta and Jeff own several thousand dollars worth of Lego and spend about 10-15 hours a week engrossed in their builds. They met at a Supernova convention in Sydney while working for a luxury Dungeons and Dragons dice company. Atlanta said watching Lego Masters last year with Jeff revitalised her passion and Lego is now a great source of joy for her.

lego masters 2021 team Atlanta and Jeff
Atlanta and Jeff have joined Lego Masters 2021. Photo: Channel Nine

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