6 great Aussie reads to get you thinking this Women’s Day

Be inspired by some of Australia's most intelligent, tenacious, and badass female minds this International Women's Day with these great books.

Women of a Certain Rage, by Liz Byrski

Who knew so much anger could be so energising?

This is an honest and courageous collection of 20 Aussie women’s very personal stories of rage; a unique piece of writing that looks at what has enraged these individuals - who are from all walks of life and span every generation - and how they’ve used their anger to inspire action.

the 2021 cover of Australian feminist book, women of a certain rage
20 Australian women including a teacher, a poet, a healthcare professional, a disability advocate and an environmental activist share their anger in Women of a Certain Rage. Photo: Booktopia

How to Endo, by Bridget Hustwaite

This freshly released book by Triple J host and endo warrior, Bridget Hustwaite, is packed full of advice and support not only for the one in nine Aussie women affected by endometriosis, but also for their friends and loved ones who are searching for a better understanding of the condition.

Bridget herself says she, “wanted to create the kind of book that I needed when my period started to really run a muck.

“A book I could turn to upon hearing the word endometriosis for the first time. A book I could read after receiving my diagnosis and one I could pass on to my loved ones so they could really understand what is going on, without losing themselves in a bunch of weird medical jibberish that is hard to digest.”

The pink cover of 2021 Australian book how to endo
An essential guide for anyone struggling with endometriosis or wanting to better support the endo warriors in their lives. Photo: Booktopia

Women and Leadership, by Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

As the title suggests, this well-researched book is about women and leadership, and investigates the way gender influences leadership and how its affected the experience of a number of prominent female leaders.

It’s an insightful and surprisingly conversational read written by Australia’s first - and to date only - female Prime Minister, along with economist Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who is also the former Finance Minister of Nigeria.

The book cover of women and leadership: real lives, real lessons
Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala explore the real lessons to be learned from the real lives of modern women in leadership. Photo: Booktopia

Growing Up Disabled in Australia, by Carly Findlay

An engaging and diverse collection of 46 stories from Australians with disability, edited by passionate appearance activist Carly Findlay, OAM.

Interviews, original pieces, poetry and art come together to make up this anthology that has already been so successful since its release in February, that it’s gone to reprint.

Carly summed it up nicely on her Instagram where she writes, “Yesterday a reader tweeted how this book makes them feel seen. And that line is all I ever hoped the book would do.”

the 2021 cover of growing up disabled in Australia
One in five Australians has a disabilty, here are some of those people's stories. Photo: Booktopia

Happy and other ridiculous aspirations, by Turia Pitt

It’s hard not to admire Turia Pitt’s sunny outlook on life, and this uplifting book brings her positivity, wit and sparkling sense of humour to the search for what makes us happier.

She interviews a whole heap of prominent Aussies including Leigh Sales, Mick Fanning and Zoe Foster Blake, and offers practical tips around gratitude and self love that you’ll just want to share with everyone you love.

the cover of Turia Pitt's new book happy and other ridiculous aspirations
Everything from money to relationships and self love is covered in this uplifting read by Turia Pitt. Photo: Booktopia

Lead the Way, by Jean Hinchliffe

As one of the one of the organisers behind 2018’s School Strikes 4 Climate, 16-year-old Jean Hinchliffe has been called Australia’s Greta Thunberg.

In this practical and inspiring book, she explains everything teens need to know about activism and how you can get started changing the world.

The book cover of lead the way by teen activist jean hinchliffe
Learn how to be an activist from a teen who has already accomplished more than most adults. Photo: Booktopia

In the spirit of this last book, we’ve included three more titles (by international authors) that would make great gifts for the young women in your life.


What a Time to be Alone: The Slumflower's guide to why you are already enough, by Chidera Eggerue

Jam packed full of wisdom, this is a must-read text on self love and self worth.

Chidera Eggerue, aka the Slumflower and genius behind the #SaggyBoobsMatter hashtag, shares her uplifting guide to taking control of your life with plenty of thought-provoking quotes and a sprinkling of her own original artwork.

While it’s a particularly valuable read for teens and young adults, this empowering book really is for anyone.

the book cover of what a time to be alone
London writer Chidera Eggerue inspires you to love every piece of yourself in this uplifting guide. Photo: Amazon

Women Don't Owe You Pretty, by Florence Given

In the same vein as ‘What A Time To Be Alone’, this examines many of the conversations around modern feminism and delves into everything from dating and the male gaze, to victim blaming and self love.

An introduction to feminism of sorts, it’s written by a young person for young people, and is particularly good for older teens.

the book cover of women dont owe you pretty
An introduction to feminism for young women (and men). Photo: Booktopia

101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World, by Julia Adams

A great read for an even younger audience is this children’s book detailing the incredible lives of 101 prominent (and not so prominent) women throughout history.

Perfect for kids aged 7-12, the stories are easy to digest and accompanied by beautiful illustrations. It’s a lovely nonfiction to add to your children’s library, and makes an excellent gift for girls and boys alike.

the cover of feminist book 101 awesome women who changed the world
Inspire the girls (and boys) in your life with this great nonfiction read. Photo: Amazon

If you're interested in more titles, Amazon is highlighting female Aussie authors in honour of International Women's Day 2021 and has put together a list of books written or inspired by women that's worth checking out.

Similarly, Booktopia are offering discounts on many of the female-written books in their International Women's Day edit.

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