10 extra special Mother's Day gifts

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Mothers do so much for us, and while there's no way to quantify the endless number of hours, the amount of stress, worry, guilt and self-doubt, or the level of unwavering love that goes into motherhood, at least we have a dedicated day to stop and say thank you.

With Mother's Day 2021 just a couple weeks away, we've collected a list of really special gift ideas to spoil the mum in your life.

Dyson hair dryer set: $549

Make every day a good hair day with this Dyson Supersonic hair dryer bundle set.

The limited edition fuchsia coloured hair dryer uses smart technology to monitor and regulate the temperature of the air to protect from heat damage.

The set also includes a matching detangling comb and barrel brush.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer
Mother's Day Gifts: The Dyson Supersonic revolutionises the hair dryer. Photo: Dyson

Sonos Move Speakers: $649

Keep the beats coming wherever she is with this portable indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

It’s weather and shock resistant so it won’t be a problem if it gets dropped or sprayed with a bit of vino. Plus, and it’s got up to 11 hours of battery life so she won’t be constantly having to charge it.

Sonos move speakers by a pool
Mother’s Day Gifts: The Sonos Move can be used indoors and outdoors and won't mind getting splashed by the pool. Photo: Instagram/Sonos

Theragun massage gun: $499

It seems niggling knots are part and parcel of being a mum, which is where a massage gun comes in handy.

They're more expensive than a single professional massage, but she can work on her aches and pains whenever they spring up, increasing blood flow to the muscles and helping to reduce tension and inflammation.

The Theragun is something of a cult-buy among celebs and professional athletes, and a good choice if she’s serious about her fitness goals.

woman using theragun massage gun
Mother's Day Gifts: She can have a massage everyday with this massage gun. Photo: Theragun

Cricut Joy: $349 currently on sale for $289

Creative mums will find no end of things to create with a Cricut, literally half of Etsy looks like it’s been made with one.

These bad boys are all about personalisation and can be used for tons of custom creations from printed t-shirts, to vinyl decals to decorate the kids bedrooms, to monogrammed key rings and coasters and drink bottles and everything in between.

Cricut Joy with pantry jar labels
Mother's Day Gifts: She customise the labels on her whole pantry with labels from a Cricut Joy. Photo: Cricut Joy


Airfryer: $439

Airfryers have surged in popularity since Covid times as people discover how easy it is to get crispy karage, pork crackling and sweet potato fries at home.

They give you a healthier and less messy alternative to traditional deep frying and they’re also great for reheating food without it going soggy, or cooking small amounts of food without having to turn on your whole oven.

Plus, an additional attachment for the Philips XXL Airfryer claims to make perfect pizzas in just eight minutes.

Philips Airfryer Pizza Master
Mother's Day Gifts: This Philips Airfryer Pizza Master will give her perfect pizzas. Photo: Phillips

KitchenAid stand mixer: $749

Another essential for a home cooking connoisseur is a KitchenAid, big bakers swear by them, but they churn out so much more than just cake.

Depending on what she’s into, you can get attachments to make fresh pasta, mince your own meat, or even churn ice cream.

They’re currently on sale and you can pick one up with a personal message engraved onto it as a free extra.

lavender coloured KitchenAid
Mother's Day Gifts: KitchenAid can engrave a special message for your mum. Photo: KitchenAid

Bose sleepbuds: $379 currently on sale for $279

Many mums kiss a solid night’s sleep goodbye the moment they bring home their beautiful babies, but if she’s still having trouble getting some decent shut eye well after the kids are sleeping through the night, then these sleepbuds might be worth a try.

They’re noise-masking and lull you to sleep with soothing sounds designed to keep you in dreamland for longer.

They’re also great for giving breastfeeding mums the closest thing to a night off, as they allow her to sleep peacefully while someone else cares for the baby, so she only needs to be woken when bubba needs a feed.

Bose Sleepbuds II
Mother's Day Gifts: Give her a good night's sleep with these Bose Sleepbuds II. Photo: Bose

Fitbit Versa 2: $244

Fitness tracker meets smart watch in the Fitbit Versa 2 which syncs with your phone to show messages and calls and allows you to set targets and follow workouts from your wrist.

If she's looking to get more shut eye, it’s sleep tracker goes into great detail about your night, plus it has a week-long battery life so it keeps on going and going.

Fitbit Versa 2
Mother's Day Gifts: Track your sleep and workout routine with this Fitbit Versa 2. Photo: Fitbit

Dyson Outsize Total Clean: $1,299

Now we wouldn't include cleaning products in a Mother's Day gift guide unless they were pretty fancy, which this Dyson Outsize Total Clean most definitely is.

Vacuuming doesn't seem like much of a chore with this bad boy in tow; it can sense when you move from hard floors to carpet and automatically changes its suction power for maximum cleaning.

Plus this model comes with a new tool specifically for long hair and pet hair that stops the hair from winding its way around the vacuum head, and it has a run time of up to an hour, and massive bin, so you can easily do the whole house without worrying about losing power.

Dyson Outsize Total Clean stick vacuum
Dyson's latest cleaning toy, the Outsize Total Clean stick vacuum, is lots of fun to use. Photo: Dyson

Robot mop: $1,149

Another fun cleaning toy is the iRobot Braava mop; you can retire the bucket and mop and sit back with a wine while this little guy goes to town on your floors.

It uses sensors and a camera to map your space and navigate its way around obstacles so all you have to do is fill it with water and let it do its thing. Plus if you already have a Roomba i7+ robot vacuum, then you can program them together to run one after the other.

iRobot Braava mop
Mother's Day Gifts: Never mop again with this iRobot Braava mop. Photo: Braava

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