Kmart's $29 dupe of popular $109 Oodie sends shoppers wild

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Keeping cosy at home has turned into big business with the likes of fluffy loungewear, microwaveable slippers and hooded blankets quickly becoming must-haves since the start of the Covid19 pandemic.

Now Kmart is getting a slice of the action, releasing a $29 knockoff of the widely popular Oodie.

Kmart's $29 dupe of the Oodie hooded blanket
Kmart's $29 dupe of the Oodie hooded blanket. Photo: Kmart

Kmart’s women’s Pull Over Gown is a hooded blanket made of polyester fleece with cosy a borg lining on the inside.

When it was first released last year, it only came in dark blue and was a three-quarter length design, but was unmistakably a copy of the $109 Oodie.

A TikTok video showing the Kmart dupe attracted over a thousand comments, with many saying they’re dying to get their hands on one, while others complained that the quality can’t be compared to the original Oodie.

“I used to have a Kmart one, it lasted a month and then I got the real one. I didn’t realise until I had the new one that the Kmart one was thinner,” one person wrote.

navy blue Oodie
This navy blue Oodie is currently on sale for $84 down from $109. Photo: Oodie

Another said, “I own both, the real oodie is 100% worth it! Save up if you can, the Kmart one doesn’t compare”, while a third commented, “The quality is pretty good for the price.”

At the end of autumn/winter 2021, Kmart stopped stocking the Pull Over Gown as it prepared to move its stock into the warmer months, however it's just come back in a slightly different form.

Kmart's Oodie knockoff is back for winter 2022

Still just $29, Kmart's popular Pull Over Gown is back in stock in store and online in Australia, although this time it's got a shorter hemline.

Kmart's 2022 version of the Oodie finishes just above the knee, whereas last year's design dropped down to about mid-calf. The other difference is that there are now three different colours to choose from; a simple midnight black, a blue floral print and a pink sloth print design.

Unlike the original Oodie which is unisex, these sit within the women's sleepwear section of Kmart and a men's version has yet to be released.

model wearing black Kmart's dupe of the Oodie
Kmart's $29 dupe of the Oodie is back for winter 2022. Photo: Kmart

Other adult hooded blankets

Oodie has Australia’s largest range of hooded blankets for adults and kids, with all sorts of prints and colours available, however they do come in at around $100 a pop.


If you’re in the market for a hooded blanket, we’ve listed some other labels that offer similar products at different price points below:

Big W  knee-length oversized hoodie
Big W has a knee-length oversized hoodie for $40. Photo: Big W
Cotton On adult Snuggets
Cotton On has adult Snuggets for $45. Photo: Cotton On
Pink Frenchie hooded blanket
Pink Frenchie hooded blanket: $99.95. Photo: Frenchie
 best selling hooded blanket on Amazon Australia
Also for $45 is this best selling hooded blanket on Amazon Australia. Photo: Amazon Australia
The Comfy hooded blanket
The Comfy, whose hooded blankets debuted on Shark Tank in 2017, are available for $60 on Amazon Australia. Photo: Amazon Australia
leopard print hooded blanket
This leopard print hooded blanket is $89 from Miz Casa and Co on The Iconic. Photo: The Iconic
grey design is covered in little cats
This cosy grey design is covered in little cats and $89 from Adairs. Photo: Adairs
Bonds unisex designs
Bonds has unisex designs for $99. Photo: Bonds

Kids hooded blankets

Kmart cosy kids poncho
While it’s not quite the same, Kmart has this cosy kids poncho for $20. Photo: Kmart
Cotton On are the next cheapest after Kmart with kids Snuggets
Cotton On are the next cheapest after Kmart with kids Snuggets for $30. Photo: Cotton on
Miz Casa and Co’s ice-cream kids oodie
Miz Casa and Co’s ice-cream kids oodie is $79 on The Iconic. Photo: The Iconic
Hip Kids have pink hooded blankets for $70.
Hip Kids have pink hooded blankets for $70. Photo: Hip Kids

Oodie drops matching UGGs

With the chilly weather well and truly here, Oodie has just released a new collection of UGGs with designs that match some of its most popular hooded blanket prints.

The line is a collaboration with Original UGG Boots Australia and includes seven different styles with avocado, unicorn, koala, corgi and panda prints among the range.

They're unisex and currently only come in adult sizes - sorry kids - and are on sale at the moment for $174 rather than the regular, $199. The corresponding Oodies are also on sale, down from $109 each to $84 so you can match.

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