MasterChef star receives huge prize 'better than winning the show': 'Well deserved'

The contestant described the win as ‘an absolute dream come true’.

MasterChef's Poh Ling Yeow and Sumeet Saigal.
One lucky MasterChef contestant was given the opportunity to have their sauce sold at Coles across the country. Photos: Channel 10

Thursday night’s episode of MasterChef Australia saw one contestant win a prize which they determined was better than taking out the title and the $250,000 that comes along with it. The remaining top 11 contestants were challenged with creating a ‘fusion sauce’ for guest judge Curtis Stone, with the best sauce being jarred and sold on Coles shelves across the country.

While the judges were served plenty of delicious sauces, it was Sumeet Saigal who won the reward and secured her spot in the top 10 with her InTALIAN Simmer Sauce, which is a unique blend of Indian and Italian flavours. The 56-year-old sales manager and mother-of-two was determined to take out the win, admitting that the prize would mean more to her than winning the actual competition.

“Just for me to get these judges to taste a bit of my dream is so profound, because winning this challenge would be better than winning MasterChef Australia 2024. There's a lot of pressure,” she said.


Before going on the show, Sumeet revealed that it was her “ultimate food dream” to create a range of sauces with a hint of India that can be incorporated into other cuisines.

“Apart from having her sights set on the MasterChef Australia trophy, Sumeet’s goal is to simplify Indian food and show people just how versatile a cuisine it can be; to break down stereotypes around Indian food being too rich, spicy, heavy or complicated,” her bio on 10play reads.

She shared following her incredible accomplishment that the win will be something that she will cherish forever.

“To have my sauce available on the shelves of Coles is an absolute dream come true. I am so grateful to MasterChef, Network 10 and Coles for this life-changing opportunity,” she said. “Winning this challenge is a great personal victory but also a celebration of the support and encouragement I have received from my family and friends.”

MasterChef's Sumeet Saigal with her InTALIAN simmer sauce.
Sumeet Saigal said it is an ‘absolute dream come true’ to have her sauce sold at Coles. Photos: Channel 10

Fans took to social media throughout the episode to praise Sumeet, who has earned the title of ‘Sauce Boss’ throughout the season.

“Top 10 and a sauce! Well done Sumeet,” one viewer wrote, while another added, “Congratulations Sumeet, well deserved I think”.

“Honestly, seeing someone actually achieve their dream is a bloody lovely way to end the week. Congrats, Sumeet. Can’t wait to try it,” a third wrote.

“Well done Sumeet! She has won something better than the title (according to her),” someone else remarked, while a different user said, “So happy for Sumeet!”.

“It was the Sauce Boss Sumeet's challenge to win, and win it she did, well done. My kids have asked to recreate her meatballs and naan dish for dinner, so guess we'll be grabbing some InTALIAN sauce next shop!” a fan shared.

Sumeet’s InTALIAN Simmer Sauce is available at Coles supermarkets across Australia from Friday 7 June until sold out.

Sumeet describes the sauce as “a perfect blend of two worlds that promises to be versatile and bring bursts of flavour to your family meals”.

“Indian and Italian foods share the same values of warmth and generosity, and I am so pleased that I get to bring the same to the everyday table with my InTALIAN Simmer Sauce,” she says. “It has the aromatic spices of Indian food and also the warm herbs of Italian cooking.”


When tasting the dish, judge Sofia Levin said the “possibilities are truly endless” with how home cooks could use the sauce in their dishes.

“On a pizza that would be brilliant,” she detailed. “In a wrap, I thought like shredded chicken or pork, just sort of oozing out the bottom with some melted cheese.”

“I think the first thing that strikes me when I taste your dish is that I just feel so comforted by it,” Poh Ling Yeow added. “Right away I’m like, this is delicious. I just want to dive in and keep eating more and more of it.”

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