MAFS: The huge amount Lucinda Light makes as a marriage celebrant revealed

You might have to dip into your savings if you want Lucinda to officiate your wedding...

Lucinda Light is also a marriage celebrant
Lucinda Light became a fan favourite on this year's MAFS. Photo: Nine

Lucinda Light was the clear breakout star of the 2024 season of Married At First Sight, and it's now been revealed the eye-watering sum she charges to officiate weddings.

The marriage celebrant returned to her job following her stint on MAFS, and radio breakfast hosts Amanda Keller and Brendan 'Jonesy' Jones have revealed they found out the exorbitant amount Lucinda charges to marry people off — and it's around eight times the cost of what people may expect to pay.

After approaching Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg, Real Housewives star Gina Liano, and radio and TV host Greg Evans, the duo settled on Lucinda, only to find out her rate was $8000.

"What, is she Sinatra? Forget celebrities, I hate you. All celebrities,'" Jonesy joked. Amanda then said she was "disappointed" in society. "I'm disappointed in the way it's gone so far," she said.

Lucinda Timothy MAFS
Lucinda with Timothy on MAFS. Photo: Nine

Since her prominent rise to fame and now boasting nearly 600k Instagram followers, Lucinda's website now states bookings are unavailable until 2025.


"Working with couples from the visioning stage all the way through to tying the knot, this rite of passage begins with the concept and ends in celebration with your tribe. Lucinda will guide you through the whole process and manage all the details - chilled or completely over-the-top!" the website states.

Part of the fee also includes Lucinda MCing the reception as well as helping couples tie the knot.

Lucinda Light marrying a couple
Lucinda apparently charges up to $8k to officiate weddings and MC receptions. Photo:

"Part of your engagement with Lucinda Light as your wedding celebrant, will include her MCing your reception! You can relax and trust the order of the day is facilitated in a timely and entertaining fashion & know that your community is being held within a professional MC and joyful experience," the website said.


The site also came with strong recommendations from weddings Lucinda has officiated.

"Lucinda is better than a dream. Honestly, we had not considered the actual ceremony as it was my least favorite part, until we met Lucinda," one couple stated. "She had the perfect energy which was super contagious and made our friends and family both laugh and have tears - which is what we wanted, she really was perfect," another couple said.

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