MAFS star Hayley Vernon has quit OnlyFans: 'Soul destroying'

After a successful porn career, Hayley has quit the adult industry 'effective immediately'.

Former Married At First Sight turned adult industry star Hayley Vernon has announced she's quitting OnlyFans and the porn industry, saying she's been suffering from extreme anxiety.

After first making a name for herself during the 2020 season of MAFS, Hayley went on to have a successful career in the adult industry, before working as a high-class escort. She joined adult subscription-based platform OnlyFans in August 2020 and has earned more than $1.3 million on the website.

Last year, Hayley risked arrest in the Czech Republic after filming a sex tape on a public street in Prague.

In a video shared earlier this week on Instagram, Hayley confirmed she's ceasing all adult work "effective immediately", saying she has nine or ten more releases left and will not be filming any more videos for OnlyFans from now on.

"I will not be engaging or soliciting myself anymore or giving any of my beings to anyone further than what I have done," she said.

MAFS' Hayley Vernon has quit Onlyfans
MAFS' Hayley Vernon had a successful adult industry career. Photo:

“I was suffering from severe anxiety. I wasn’t certain of who I was because I was trying to be someone different," Hayley said, adding that working in the industry and playing a part is "so far removed" from who she is in real life.


She also said the career brought too much negativity into her life. "I’ve just made the decision that it does not serve me. It’s soul destroying, I’m just going to say it," she said.

Last May, Hayley told Yahoo Lifestyle that starring in MAFS put a "full stop" on her 10-year career as a finance broker, so she was forced to seek other avenues to earn a living.

Hayley Vernon MAFS 2020
Hayley starred on the 2020 season of MAFS. Photo: Nine

“I found in a professional realm, I wasn't being able to be taken seriously anymore,” she explained.

“What happened in our season was two weeks after it went to air, lockdown happened. So we didn't do the club appearances and we didn’t have an opportunity to make money. And an influencer said to me, ‘Why don't you try OnlyFans?’. And I'll be honest with you, I was on the wines and I was like, I'm gonna make a page, put it out there.


“The amount of money that hit my bank within 24 hours was more than I could have ever imagined would have come through.”

Hayley's next venture post-OnlyFans

The reality star is now looking to live a more normal life and help others, announcing a new business venture CapitalHach, a women's only wellness retreat, designed to help participants become better versions of themselves and reach their full potential.

Cited as a "life-changing experience", a hand-selected group of women will partake in workshops, yoga, boxing, hiking, meditation, and other fitness classes in Phuket, Thailand.

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