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The facial sculpting tool that 'works wonders' and is easier to use than Gua Sha

Simply pop on the mask and forget about it.

Facial sculpting is big news in the beauty world, with techniques such as Gua Sha and face yoga entering many of our weekly skincare routines. These traditional techniques can be time-consuming, and take a long time to de-puff faces and show noticeable results.

Luckily, beauty lovers looking for a quicker fix have discovered a non-invasive facial sculpting tool that quickly targets saggy jowls, double chins, and facial puffiness,

"I can actually see a visible improvement in my jawline," says one happy customer. "This brings down my facial puffiness especially after I eat salty food," says another.

Woman using TruTone's Advanced Dermal Sculpting Mask and roller
TruTone's Advanced Dermal Sculpting Mask can help reduce puffiness and enhance your jawline. Photo: Supplied

TruTone's Advanced Dermal Sculpting Mask, $15 for one, delivers targeted hydration and firmness to redefine your facial contours. It can also be used with the Microcurrent Facial Sculpting Roller, $65, that gently vibrates and glides over your skin to enhance the absorption of the mask's potent ingredients.


The mask infuses your skin with hyaluronic acid to leave it plump and deeply hydrated. It also contains hydrolysed collagen to enhance skin elasticity and reduce signs of ageing. Caffeine helps boost circulation and reduce water retention, while liquorice can reduce pigmentation and dark spots. The AHA in the mask smoothes fine lines and improves skin texture. Enriched with peppermint oil, it soothes and cools the skin reducing any inflammation and leaving it feeling fresh and firm.

The mask gives both immediate and long-term results, showing continued improvement in skin texture and firmness over time.

Before and after facial sculpting images
TruTone's Advanced Dermal Sculpting Mask gives both immediate and long-term results. Photo: Supplied

Time-poor beauty buffs love the mask, which can be left to do its work while you get on with other things.

"It does the work of gua sha but doesn't require oil, and doesn't pull at my face," says one happy customer. "It works wonders." Another says: "It's like cardio for my face."

TruTone's Advanced Dermal Sculpting Mask,
TruTone's Advanced Dermal Sculpting Mask. Photo: Supplied

To use it, just cleanse your face with warm water, then stretch the mask to fit your jawline. Hang both sides of the mask to each ear and smooth it across your jawline. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. For an extra boost, use the facial sculpting roller over the mask for five to 10 minutes.

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