Australia’s most controversial Onlyfans stars set to shock with new platform

Australia's most tattooed woman, who went blind after tattooing her eyeballs, will be on the new women-first platform.

Some of Australia's most controversial adult creators are teaming up to join a new platform promoting women-first content.

Fantasy Mansion is a new adult platform promising to push boundaries and is founded by girls, for girls. The platform aims to empower rising stars in the adult industry.

Amber Luke, is known as Australia’s most tattooed woman and is committed to getting her life together after a jail stint by joining the platform.

Amber’s adult industry and tattooing journey have travelled side by side. Her addiction to tattooing started when she was just 16 and had three “home-job” tattoos done. From there, Amber felt it was a path she was meant to be on.

“I decided when I was 20 that I would have a full-body suit by the time I was 25,” she said.

Australia's most tattooed woman Amber Luke
Amber Luke is Australia's most tattooed woman. Photo:

What started as a neck tattoo then developed into full body, face and even eyeballs.

In unsurprising news perhaps, Amber’s tattooing of her eyeballs left her in excruciating pain. She lost her sight because of the botched job, and three leading doctors at the hospital told Amber they had to operate immediately if she was to get her sight back. But Amber’s intuition told her to wait it out instead, suffering through the pain, with her sight returning.


“It was so painful for three or four days – like someone was rubbing glass in my eyes. I cried blue tears.”

Amber Luke will be joined at the Fantasy Mansion by Onlyfans star Billie Beever. Billie became well known during the COVID pandemic when her TikTok about the financial plight of sex workers went viral.

OnlyFans creator Billie Beever
OnlyFans creator Billie Beever. Photo:

Billie's also made a name for herself after saying Onlyfans models shouldn't have to pay tax, likening making adult content to a public service, saying that it could be seen as "charity work" fulfilling custom requests from subscribers.


According to Billie, she decided to join Fantasy Mansion because of the genuine connection she has with co-owners DJ Emma Bass, Cory Freeman, and their team.

“These guys put their hearts into every detail, making Fantasy Mansion more than just a business - it's a true passion project. Trust us, it's going places.”

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