MAFS star Evelyn's brutal snub towards Dan: 'Loser'

Married At First Sight's Evelyn took a swipe towards her former co-star.

Evelyn Ellis has been dubbed as MAFS’ ‘hottest bride ever’, and was quickly embraced by fans after standing up against controversial grooms Dan Hunjas, Cam Woods and Harrison Boon. Although filming wrapped up in December, it seems as though the reality TV star knows how to hold a grudge.

At a mini-cast reunion held by Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on Thursday, she came face-to-face with Dan unexpectedly. In typical Evelyn fashion, the 26-year-old gave him a very frosty reception.

Two photos of MAFS' Evelyn Ellis walking past Dan Hunjas
MAFS' Evelyn Ellis left Dan Hunjas hanging when she saw him on Thursday. Photo: Supplied

The pair have been embroiled in onscreen drama since the famous ‘butt dial’ took place, with Evelyn claiming to hear a number of juicy secrets spilled by Dan and Harrison after her ex Rupert Bugden accidentally called her.

As the groom attempted to hug the Big Brother UK star, she swerved away in a brutal snub.


“Hey loser,” she said, before moving away from Dan.

“Hey, how have you been? Having fun?” he asked, attempting to smooth things over, but the season 10 bride completely ignored him.

MAFS' Evelyn Ellis walking past Dan Hunjas
Dan tried to talk to Evelyn but she completely ignored him. Photo: Supplied

Fellow bride Janelle Han was also seen coming face-to-face with Dan, and although she hugged him, she copied Alyssa Barmonde’s move from the reunion dinner party and grimaced during the embrace.

The 42-year-old opened up about Evelyn’s brutal snub on Kyle and Jackie O’s podcast, claiming that he’s usually friendly with the bride behind closed doors.

“I love Evelyn so I don’t know what all the drama is about, but when the cameras are on it switches to a bit of hate,” he said.


After a Kyle and Jackie O producer asked if Dan was implying Evelyn was faking her dislike of him, the reality TV star refused to confirm this theory.

“I’m not going to say that, but I will say the butt dial was fake,” he said.

You can listen to Kyle & Jackie O’s explosive MAFS reunion podcast here.

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