Jackie O slams 'scammers' using her pics to sell weight loss products

The star recently underwent a 12kg weight loss transformation.

KIIS FM radio host Jackie 'O' Henderson took to Instagram this week to slam scammers using heavily edited images of her to exaggerate weight loss in order to advertise Keto Gummies.

The 48-year-old shared some of the most shocking photos she'd found, writing, "Another day another scam!!! If you see me 'advertising' keto gummies, it ain’t true. But I’m loving their photoshopped pics."

Jackie 'O' Henderson
Jackie 'O' Henderson has slammed scammers who have been using edited images of her to sell weight loss products. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O Henderson

The 'before' photos are so heavily edited the star is almost unrecognisable, while they have used real photos of the radio host for the 'after' snaps.

The scammers claimed in the article, which was written from Jackie O's perspective: "Now I weigh 57kg and I want to lose another 3-5 kilos."


It continues, "The most important question is how I managed to do it. I mean, my Instagram profile is full of food pics. Yes, I love to eat! I haven't changed my diet and I still eat sweets. I'm eating ice cream as I write this article."

"It’s the 'eating ice cream' while simultaneously writing the article that sold me!" former Bachelor star Brittany Hockley said jokingly.

"I need the link to this," radio host Yazan Haddad added.

Edited photos of Jackie O Henderson
'Another day another scam!!! If you see me 'advertising' keto gummies, it ain’t true. But I’m loving their photoshopped pics,' Jackie wrote on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O Henderson
Jackie O Henderson edited photos
Many of her followers thought the scammers' article was hilarious. Photo: Instagram/Jackie O Henderson

"But I’ve ordered so many," Pete Deppeler wrote.

"Oh no I bought these gummies hoping for the same majik… (sic)," Kate Langbroek quipped.

"Omfg!!! I’m in BEAST MODE over this," Michelle Bridges added.

"It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic!" Melissa Hoyer wrote.

"They did a good job of your ear in that top right pic," one follower pointed out.

"OMG I’m dying... How many chins did they want to give you," another added.

"It’s giving Gwyneth Paltrow from Shallow Hal," a third said.

Jackie O's 12kg body transformation

Jackie O did undergo a bit of a body transformation recently after joining WeightWatchers and losing 12kg, while taking time off from the Kyle and Jackie O Show last year.

She told Woman's Day she completely overhauled her lifestyle, "It's just been a total turnaround when it comes to eating and exercise."

Jackie admitted she had not been taking care of herself, and when she stepped back from radio, she had been suffering from poor health since she contracted Covid-19 last year.

She added she had an unhealthy diet, often reaching for quick sugar and carb fixes to help her get through the early hours of her job.

"You get really tired and you have no energy. So the last thing you want to do is cook or exercise, but it's a vicious cycle," she told the publication.

"I was eating a lot of food that I could get in a hurry. You know, pizza and sandwiches and just takeaway, I wasn't cooking myself. And I think it's always best when you know what you're putting into your body. I just got really lazy.

"I was taking the easy option. I'd stop into a service station, I'd pick up a sausage roll, or grab one of those microwave meals."

The star, who claimed she never enjoyed eating salad, has now learned recipes to create salads she likes eating and has embraced the joys of fresh food.

While she said she previously worked out on the treadmill at the gym for 30 to 40 minutes, she had now embarked on a new exercise routine.

"This time what I've done differently is I break it up and do different things every day," she said.

"I've started tennis. I absolutely love that.

"I've even started doing aqua aerobics now. I just do something every day, but it's always something different so it doesn't feel like a punish."

Jackie had previously joined Weight Watchers in 2021 but said she had gained the weight she lost back.

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