MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Why Harrison and Bronte were cut from finale

Married At First Sight fans were confused about why the pair didn't appear in the episode.

MAFS fans were surprised on Monday night when Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield's time on the couch with the show's experts was cut from the episode.

"Harrison (and Bronte) being snubbed in the final ep is iconic because the last moment he got on this show was all of Australia hysterically laughing at him," one user tweeted, referencing Harrison's attempt to throw Bronte under the bus with a print out of messages between her and his ex-girlfriend, which was only met with laughs from the group.

MAFS' Harrison and Bronte
A source has revealed exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle why MAFS' Harrison and Bronte's time with the experts was cut from the final episode. Photo: Nine

"No Bronte and Harrison at this reunion?! We're being robbed," another added.

"Oh it’s so delicious that Bronte and Harrison aren’t getting the air time they so desperately wanted in the finale of MAFS 2023," a third said. "The ending to Harrison will be the group laughing at him at the dinner party."


Others were mad, with one user writing: "ARE YOU F*N KIDDING ME CHANNEL 9?! You made us sit through weeks of Harrison and Bronte only to NOT SHOW THEM AT THE REUNION? POOR FORM."

Now, a source has revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle why the pair were cut from the finale, sharing that the last dinner party was the "perfect end to their storyline".

"Producers wanted to try and give the season a somewhat happy ending, which is why they cut Harrison and Bronte’s time on the sofa and left on a cliffhanger with Jesse and Claire potentially reuniting instead," the insider tells us.

MAFS' Harrison
Our insider reveals producers thought Harrison and Bronte's time at the final dinner party was the perfect ending, with everyone laughing at the groom for bringing a print out of text messages. Photo: Nine

"Harrison and Bronte’s relationship dominated the season, with every aspect discussed in-depth every week. The only fresh revelation was Harrison’s screenshots of Bronte talking to his ex - but the way that played out at the dinner party, with everyone mocking him, was so organic and hilarious that it was the perfect end to their storyline.

"Him embarrassed as the whole group laughed at him."


Some fans were also annoyed that they didn't see Rupert Bugden and Evelyn Ellis, Caitlin Mcconville and Shannon Adams, Janelle Han and Adam Seed, Melissa Sheppard and Josh White, and Hugo Armstrong and Tayla Winter on the couch.

Jesse Burford revealed on the Married At First Sight UNCENSORED Facebook group on Monday night that Janelle and Adam, Rupert and Evelyn and Tayla and Hugo "weren't filmed" on the couch at all, which is why viewers didn't see them.

However, he added, "No idea why they didn’t air Bronte and [Harrison]. You didn’t see Shannon and Caitlin (which was absolutely brutal) or Josh and Mel either."

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