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The world's cleanest and simplest humidifier: 'Best ever!'

Prepare your home for winter with the world's most hygienic humidifier.

Winter is just around the corner and with the colder months comes low humidity levels that can leave you with parched skin, itchy eyes, allergies and other respiratory issues.

Fortunately, you can combat the effects of dry indoor air and transform your home into a moisture-filled oasis with the newly released Carepod Stainless Steel Humidifier.

Carepod humidifier next to vase
Customers are calling the Carepod humidifier a "game changer". Photo: Supplied

The brainchild of Dr Hyung Joo Kim, the Carepod has been hailed as the world's most hygienic humidifier for its ability to sterilise against 99.9% of airborne bacteria, which is higher than any other leading brand.


With a stainless steel construction and three distinct mist settings, this hybrid ultrasonic device will hydrate dry air up to 150 square metres in a matter of minutes.

The compact design also means it can be stored easily in your bedroom or living room without taking up too much space, unlike most modern humidifiers.

Person cleaning Carepod humidifier with sponge and soap
The Carepod humidifier's unique three-piece design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. Photo: Supplied

The Carepod's award-winning three-piece design allows for easy cleaning, maintenance and peace of mind, knowing your family will be breathing fresher, quality air.

The device uses ultrasonic cool-mist technology, making it a safe choice for homes with kids and pets, while supporting your immune system and alleviating cold, allergy and flu symptoms by hydrating dry air.

'Best humidifier I've ever owned'

The Carepod won the Red Dot iF Design Award for 2022, but it's not just the critics who are loving this humidifier. Hundreds of shoppers have given it five-star reviews, calling it a "game changer".

"This is by far the best humidifier I've ever owned, as it's not only very easy to clean but incredibly quiet," wrote one happy customer, while another added, "I cannot recommend this AMAZING machine enough."

Carepod humidifier
The Carepod humidifier has received hundreds of five-star reviews. Photo: Supplied

Buy now and save hundreds

As a special Easter treat, shoppers can save big on their first Carepod purchase. Simply use the discount code EASTER25 at checkout to get up to $375 off, while stocks last.

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