MAFS spoiler: Evelyn and Rupert are pictured in romantic embrace

The Married At First Sight stars' relationship may be blossoming.

Although they seem to be off to a rocky start, photos show sparks may start to fly between Married At First Sight couple Evelyn Ellis and Rupert Bugden.

The marketing manager and model and the Queensland electrician got married on Monday night's episode but experienced a number of hiccups as Rupert lost the rings and made some awkward comments during his vows, alluding to the fact they had not had sex before marriage.

While Evelyn tried to heat things up on their honeymoon by running a hot bath for the pair to enjoy, Rupert was visibly nervous as he joined her in the tub while she donned a racy white bikini.

He appeared uncomfortable as he kept talking about how hot the temperature was before he got out and built a pillow wall in the bed to separate them.

Rupert and Evelyn smile at each other as they hold hands.
Rupert and Evelyn embrace before tonight's dinner party. Source: Supplied

Evelyn was under the impression Rupert was not attracted to her, however, when they delved into the honesty box during a honeymoon dinner, Rupert admitted he was attracted to her and she made him nervous.

Now as the couple prepares to attend their first explosive dinner party, pictures show the pair enjoying a romantic embrace before heading in.

The photos show the pair holding hands and smiling at each other while Evelyn jumped up and down giggling, hinting the pair may actually make things work.


Meanwhile, leaked photos have revealed a twist in the MAFS cheating scandal after it was revealed groom Adam Seed and bride Claire Nomarhas kissed during a night out despite them not being paired together.

On Monday night Claire came clean to her 'husband' Jesse Burford, and now Claire and Adam prepare to be grilled at tonight's dinner party.

In photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle that were taken ahead of tonight's dinner party, it would seem that while Claire, Jesse and Janelle looked tense and sad as they arrived separately and alone, Adam arrived looking happy and excited with a huge grin on his face.

Adam laughs before the MAFS dinner party while Claire looks tense.
Adam was laughing while Claire looked tense. Source: Supplied

"He didn't seem remorseful or at all bothered about what was happening, he spent the day joking around with producers," an insider tells us.

In the preview for the episode, the contestants don't hold back when it comes to Adam. As Claire apologises for what she has done, clearly upset by the hurt she has caused, Adam defends his actions.

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