MAFS' fans slam Claire and Adam over cheating scandal: 'Humiliating'

Married at First Sight viewers were shocked when Claire admitted to cheating on Jesse.

MAFS fans were left stunned on Monday night when Claire Nomarhas admitted to lying to her 'husband' Jesse Burford about kissing Adam Seed, who's married to Janelle Han, during a night out early in the experiment. Claire said she was physically sick over keeping the secret and told Jesse during intruders Tayla and Hugo's wedding.

Viewers have slammed Claire and Adam, with many calling the bride a "gaslighter" and "untrustworthy", while calling Adam a "snake".

MAFS' Claire and Jesse
MAFS fans have slammed both Claire and Adam after the bride admitted the pair shared a kiss during a night out. Photo: Nine

"Adam and Claire are the most disgusting cheaters in MAFS history," one user wrote. "They made out after 30 minutes of meeting when they were already married to other people days before. Jesse and Janelle deserved better. Permanently wipe those two off my screen right now."

"Omg Claire… of course Jesse’s gonna be gutted [because] you’ve humiliated and gaslighted him FFS," another passionate fan wrote. "Gawd darnit - I liked you! I was in your corner! I thought you were the real deal! I had high hopes after the commitment ceremony. You’ve just gone and s**t all over everything."


"Claire and Adam and other cheating scandals are exactly why these people are single in the first place.They simply cannot remain loyal and give a partner the chance or respect they deserve to remain loyal, loving, faithful. You attract what you reflect!"

MAFS' Adam and Janelle
Viewers have called Adam a 'snake' and say his 'wife' Janelle deserves better. Photo: Nine

"Let's not forget that not only did Claire cheat on Jesse but she also repeatedly denied all allegations and gaslight Jesse on the couch during the commitment ceremony," another wrote.

Some were also left annoyed to see Claire was taking most of the criticism, with one person writing, "It's ridiculous to see channel 9 only vilify Claire in this episode when Adam was also there. Quit making one person accountable for the actions of two people!"

MAFS viewers defend Claire: 'Don't blame her'

Others suggested that while they don't condone the cheating, viewers shouldn't be surprised to see Claire kissed Adam as she and Jesse were in such a bad place in their relationship due to his bad behaviour.

"My thoughts are this: I hope Jesse can forgive Claire because I don't blame her for mackin' on with someone else after being treated so poorly for two weeks by him and was prob expecting to break up shortly anyway," one user said.

"What Claire did was s**t, but is everyone forgetting that we hated Jesse a few weeks ago for how he treated Claire?" another questioned.

MAFS' Claire
Some suggested that we shouldn't be surprised to know Claire cheated on Jesse, given how bad their relationship was when it happened. Photo: Nine

"The pearl clutching over Claire 'cheating' on Jesse is absurd," a third said. "Their relationship was in a dire state at the time, largely due to the obnoxious behaviour of Jesse. The moral judgments of Claire are hysterical."

"Maybe it’s because I’ve binged 9 seasons of Real Housewives of NYC but the fact that Claire has owned up to her shit is very refreshing to me," someone else joked.

Throughout Monday's episode, Claire told the cameras that she needed to come clean about the infidelity.

The reality star sat her 'husband' down during the intruders' wedding reception and told him, "There has been something I have been wanting to talk to you about for a little while. My heart's racing. I feel like it would be really unfair of me and wrong of me to call people out on their bad behaviour when I have also not been perfect and I've acted outside of integrity."

She continued, "I've broken your trust. That night that we all went out and Adam and I went outside, we kissed."

Jesse remained calm, but was clearly shocked after having apologised profusely for questioning the pair about the night.

"I knew it. I knew something was suss with that. I had a feeling and now I know my suspicions were absolutely founded," he said. "And Adam… What a snake. I don't know what type of kiss you had out front but I'm imagining it was more than what we had in last three weeks."

In the preview for Tuesday night's episode, Jesse is seen confronting Adam, and Janelle is left devastated by the news.

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