MAFS' Olivia speaks out about Dom and Ella's podcast: 'Good on them'

They might not have gotten along on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, but Olivia Frazer has nothing but nice things to say about Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding’s latest venture.

The 28-year-old OnlyFans star took to Instagram on Sunday to answer a number of questions from fans, including one about her thoughts on the duo’s new podcast, Sit With Us.

MAFS' Olivia wearing a white dress.
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer has shared her thoughts on Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding’s podcast, Sit With Us. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

“Honestly, I won’t be listening but [I’m] really really genuinely happy for them,” she said.

“I hope they can get past all the MAFS drama stuff, which understandably they had to address, but they just have this incredible platform to build this amazing thing so good on them.”


In another Instagram Story, Olivia responded to a follower who asked her if she would ever start her own podcast.

“Definitely not in the near future, it’s not on my radar,” she explained. “I wouldn’t want to be seen to be copying people.”

However, she hinted that she might start a YouTube channel soon and create content in a similar style to Hailey Bieber’s bathroom interviews.

Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding's podcast Sit With Us.
Olivia said she is ‘really really genuinely happy’ for Dom and Ella’s success. Photo: Supplied

‘I had some great times with her’

Elsewhere during the Q&A Olivia was asked about her relationship with Dom and if she thought they would have been friends outside of the experiment.

“Look, I’ll only speak for myself, but at the start of Married At First Sight I really liked her,” she admitted.

"I had some great times with her, I had a great day with her at Matt and Kate’s wedding. It was fun, but MAFS is just a really hardcore environment.”

She went on to say that she’s “happy to move on and make amends” with Dom “without an apology” because she simply wants to move past the drama.

“I think hell would freeze over before an apology would be offered,” she added with a laugh.

MAFS' Olivia answering questions on her Instagram Story.
Olivia answered a number of questions about Dom and Ella during the Q&A. Photos: Instagram/olivefrazer

‘Straight-up truths’

Towards the end of the Q&A Olivia decided to respond to a follower who had suggested she was “jealous of Dom and Ella” because she continued to talk about them.

“So before today I have never spoken as much about Dom and Ella as I have,” she replied. “And with that said, if you listen carefully I’m not actually saying anything nasty. It’s either straight-up truths or really lovely stuff. So nothing nasty.

“And I think after months of being publicly crucified by the Australian public and everyone who has watched MAFS basically, I’m allowed to answer questions on my social media how I see fit.”

Legal action

Olivia’s comments come shortly after she slammed radio duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson for making fun of her partner Jackson Lonie’s private OnlyFans content.

She revealed over the weekend that Jackson is considering legal action after the stunt, which saw the hosts play X-rated footage from his profile on the adult subscription-based platform live on-air for their guests Dom and Ella.

“The video that Kyle and Jackie O showed was off Jackson’s account. So he’s the one whose content was stolen. It’s up to Jackson to pursue legal action, which he’s thinking about,” she said on Instagram Live over the weekend.

“It is illegal to share OnlyFans content, it is stolen property. So even if it wasn’t the content that it was, Kyle and Jackie O should be in a lot of trouble purely for distributing stolen content.”

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