MAFS' Olivia slams Kyle and Jackie O for X-rated stunt: 'Legal action'

MAFS star Olivia Frazer has opened up about the "disgusting" stunt that Kyle Sandilands and Jackie 'O' Henderson pulled on Thursday after the radio hosts shared her boyfriend's X-rated content during their show.

Olivia got candid with fans on Instagram, revealing that Jackson Lonie was ‘mortified’ after his nude video was mocked while being shown to Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding live on air. The star dropped the bombshell that her boyfriend is now considering legal action after the stunt, saying that what the hosts did was ‘disgusting’.

MAFS Olivia and Jackson on the set of the show, with Olivia breaking down in tears
MAFS' Olivia says her boyfriend Jackson is considering pursuing legal action after his OnlyFans content was stolen and distributed. Photo: Nine

“The video that Kyle and Jackie O showed was off Jackson’s account. So he’s the one whose content was stolen. It’s up to Jackson to pursue legal action, which he’s thinking about,” she told fans.

While Jackson hasn’t spoken out about the incident, his girlfriend said that his family is mortified and believes it was ‘very cruel’.


Olivia also slammed her rival Domenica, saying that the podcast host should also be in trouble for consuming stolen content. There has been a huge backlash from MAFS fans, with many rejoicing that Olivia is getting a taste of her own medicine, but the star says this incident is on another level.

She mentions that there were ‘worse’ photos of Domenica that she could have shown to her fellow MAFS participants, but she chose one that didn’t show too much.

“It wasn’t like what has happened to Jackson and I, the sex act being made fun of on a massive radio show,” she complained. “Kyle and Jackie O are Australia’s biggest radio show, it wasn’t just on social media.”

“It is illegal to share OnlyFans content, it is stolen property. So even if it wasn’t the content that it was, Kyle and Jackie O should be in a lot of trouble purely for distributing stolen content,” the star added.

Two screenshots of Olivia talking to her phone on Instagram
Olivia broke down in tears on Thursday and then held a Q&A on Saturday morning. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

Olivia confirmed that the KIIS FM hosts hadn’t reached out after the show, saying that there definitely hadn’t been an apology.

“You can’t call out my behaviour and not call out theirs, because what they did was worse than what it looks like I did on the show,” she said.

‘I barely survived MAFS

This comes after Olivia broke down on social media after the stunt went viral.

“I’ve been trying really hard especially lately just to rise above, take the high road, live in peace and kindness and I try not to speak of negative things but holy s**t,” she continued while tearing up.

“For Kyle and Jackie O to pull out from behind a paywall what Jackson and I do and ridicule it and shame us for it when I’ve really been a massive… I’ve shouted from the rooftops, ‘I’m not okay!’.

“I’ve barely survived MAFS and I don’t need to be shamed and have more hate and vitriol perpetuated towards me, especially from arguably one of the biggest shows in Australia! What is wrong with people? Like, what the f**k?”

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