MAFS' Jackson cops fierce backlash over OnlyFans reveal

Married At First Sight star Jackson Lonie has copped fierce backlash after launching his OnlyFans account, with many suggesting his cheating scandal was a PR stunt to promote it.

Jackson revealed he was starting an account with the adult subscription-based website on Saturday night, after earlier teasing he was making a big announcement.

It comes just after a video emerged of him cheating on MAFS co-star and partner Olivia Frazer while at a Melbourne nightclub.

Jackson Lonie topless (left) and him kissing Hannah Hughes (right).
Jackson Lonie launched his OnlyFans account following a drunken pash with Hannah Hughes. Source: Instagram/Facebook

A topless photo on Instagram with a link to his OnlyFans account however was met with backlash from fans and former MAFS stars, who claimed Jackson was piggybacking off the exposure he had received following the cheating scandal.

According to the Daily Mail, former MAFS star Liam Cooper raised questions about the timing of his announcement.

"Now tell me the kiss wasn't a set-up for both their OnlyFans accounts and media around it?" he wrote, referring to Jackson's drunken pash.


A former star on the reality show, Clare Verrall, also hit out at the couple following Jackson's announcement.

"I'm actually annoyed at myself for trying to give you and Olivia advice on dealing with the MAFS s**tstorm because I was honestly worried about both your mental health in the aftermath," she commented on Jackson's Instagram.

"You obviously both went onto it for very different reasons to me."

Liam Cooper and Clare Verrall.
Former MAFS stars Liam Cooper and Clare Verrall hit out at Jackson. Source: Instagram

Fans were also sceptical about the timing of Jackson's big announcement.

"The stunt last week all makes sense now," one wrote.

"They staged their cheating scandal, then upped their numbers on Instagram, then did a hard launch of their OnlyFans. Was all calculated," another accused.

"This has got to be a JOKE right!!!!!!! Who in their right mind, would choose the week after hooking up with another girl, to announce an OF page!!!" a third added.

Jackson breaks silence after cheating scandal

His OnlyFans announcement came after Olivia and Jackson posted a video on Instagram addressing the cheating scandal.

Jackson said he "f***ed up" and had been getting blackout drunk.

Olivia and Jackson pose on MAFS.
Olivia and Jackson are staying together following the scandal. Source: Channel Nine

“All the negativity we’ve been getting from the show, the way I’ve kind of been dealing with it is to get blackout drunk, which don’t get me wrong, isn’t an excuse and it’s not acceptable," he said.

Olivia kept her stony face blank as she listened to her boyfriend explain that the negativity and backlash has "been sh*t".

“I am seeking help to try and figure out new ways to combat my emotions and how to deal with this negativity," he added.

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