MAFS' Dom and Ella spill on new podcast and moving in together

They might not have found love with their partners on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, but Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding walked away from the experience with one of the strongest friendships the series has ever seen.

Now, the pair have launched their new podcast Sit With Us with Acast, which has already topped the charts and garnered rave reviews from fans online.

MAFS’ Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding.
MAFS’ Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding open up about their new podcast and what fans can expect. Photo: Instagram/sitwithusthepod

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle following the release of their first episode on Wednesday morning, the dynamic duo admit that the response has been “surreal”.

“Everything has happened so quickly,” Ella says. “We really just had this idea and we got the ball rolling pretty quickly and it’s exciting.”


“We are just so excited that we now have our very own platform where we can be uncensored and unfiltered,” Dom adds.

“Yes, there will be editing, but only our kind of editing. We’re just so excited to have that one-on-one interaction with our followers and our audience and we’re so excited for where this is going to take us.”

‘Raw and authentic’

Dom and Ella went on to reveal that they first thought of doing a podcast together during one of their many long conversations while filming MAFS.

“We just thought, ‘God, we could record this! I feel like people would listen to us!’,” Dom recalls.

“We both feel like a lot of people related to us throughout the series of MAFS, and that’s why we’ve had such an amazing response from the public,” Ella details. “People are relating with our story and the way our friendship formed, and it’s just pushed us and given us the idea to have our own platform.”

Dom continues: “It’s pushed us out of our comfort zones and it’s really opening up and being raw and honest and I think that’s why the wider audience really connected with us so much because we were able to just be ourselves and be raw and authentic, and that’s really what people want to see.”

MAFS’ Domenica Calaro and Ella Ding.
'People are relating with our story and the way our friendship formed, and it’s just pushed us and given us the idea to have our own platform.' Photo: Instagram/domenica.calarco

‘The limit does not exist’

Speaking about what fans can expect with the podcast, the pair explain that Sit With Us is an “inclusive, fun and light-hearted” space where they can talk about things that people typically shy away from.

“First and foremost, our goal is engaging with our audience and the incredible people that have followed our journey on MAFS, but also not just following us because we were on this TV show, but following us because they resonated with the people that we really are,” Dom says.

“Also providing advice,” Ella adds. “We feel like both of us individually have lived very eventful lives, which we will share a lot on our podcast so that we can bring people up to speed on who we are and why we are who we are.

“We really have experienced it all, whether it has been marriage, divorce, single for 10 years, dating, f**kboys, disappointment, just all that sort of stuff. It's something that so many of us can relate to and there's just so much more that we want to share.”

As for guests, the duo admit that they “cannot wait” to have others join them on the podcast and they’ve already got two very special people organised.

“I think the first people that we're going to have on are our mums,” Dom says. “They moulded us into the women that we are and we look up to both of them.

“Some people don't have mums, some people don't have a relationship with their mums and some do have a relationship. So I think just the whole topic around mums and how that figure of having a woman in your life can shape you or it can make you into something as you grow older.

“It’s a really interesting topic that we want to explore, but I think moving forward, we want to interview everyone. The limit does not exist. Stay tuned.”

MAFS’ Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding.
'First and foremost, our goal is engaging with our audience and the incredible people that have followed our journey through MAFS'. Photo: Instagram/ellamayding

‘Definitely something on the horizon’

While they’ve recently made the transition from besties to colleagues, Dom and Ella also hint that they might become roommates soon with Ella making the move from Melbourne to Sydney.

“We would love to [move in together], it’s just hard with the rental market in Sydney,” Dom remarks.

“But we're looking and it's definitely something on the horizon. We’d love to have our own little home studio, that kind of stuff. We've got a lot in the pipeline at the moment and we're just taking it day by day honestly, but we’re actively looking.”

“I’m pretty much in Sydney basically every fortnight,” Ella adds. “But the plan is to move to Sydney hopefully in the next few months.”

The pair also tease that they have plenty of exciting plans for the podcast in the future, including merchandise and a possible tour.

“We would love to do live shows. For everyone to come sit with us and chat with us and do that with us, that’s definitely the goal,” Ella says.

You can listen to Sit With Us wherever you get your podcasts.

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