MAFS' Olivia shares message to trolls alongside alarming admission

CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses topics that may be triggering.

After copping a barrage of hate following her controversial appearance on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, Olivia Frazer has had enough.

The 28-year-old, who recently admitted that she was forced to resign from her dream job as a teacher because of the backlash she’s received, spoke openly with Yahoo Lifestyle at Australian Fashion Week about how she’s feeling now that the show has ended.

MAFS’ Olivia Frazer speaking into a Yahoo! microphone.
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer has opened up about her mental health following her time on the reality show. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

“It very much ebbs and flows,” she admits. “I have really good days where I'm like, ‘Oh water off a duck’s back! I’m fine!’.

“And then I have other days where I'm like, sorry to be graphic, but I am suicidal and I am like, ‘Okay, don't kill yourself because you don't want Jackson to come home to that’. It is at that point where it's such a severe instability in my moods and my mental health.

“I am feeling a lot more myself and a lot more out of the woods. It's nowhere near as bad as it was when the show was airing, but I think it's just going to be skating on thin ice for a few more months until the hate dies down.”

‘No filter’

While Olivia has criticised the reality TV show for the way she was portrayed on-screen, she is grateful that she can now speak her truth on social media after regaining access to her Instagram account.

“It’s amazing. Just being able to get my actual personality and my actual beliefs out there, it just means everything,” she says.

“I’ve had a lot of negative feedback but I’ve probably had an equal amount of positive feedback and people changing their minds about me. That’s the biggest thing.”


She continues: “I don't care what you saw on the show, I don’t care about what your opinion is of the show. To me, that’s a character. It's not what I said in context, it’s not what I did in context. It's what the producers want you to see.

“Now there's no filter between the viewers and myself. It's just me on my Instagram and the only divide is the internet. It's not this crazy, filtered, edited TV show. It’s genuinely me.”

MAFS’ Olivia Frazer.
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer has opened up about her mental health following her time on the reality show. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

‘Please stop’

Speaking directly to her trolls, Olivia pleads for the hateful comments and negativity online to stop.

“Please stop smashing me,” she says. “I’m not equipped, I’m not media trained, I wasn’t prepared for it.”

Nasser Sultan, who starred on season five of the reality TV show, also tells Yahoo Lifestyle during the interview that people need to stop commenting because they are “destroying her life”.

“I just want to say, honestly, I want the whole world to give this girl a break,” he says.

“I love this girl and she's true and she's honest, and I'm not joking. I make comments on other people and I bag them out, but my heart goes to this girl and I'll always support her. And that's the damn truth.

I just want people to leave her alone. You don't know her, you’ve never met her, you don't talk to her. Just leave her alone and let her live her life.”

Mental health support for yourself or a loved one can be found by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14, Mensline on 1300 789 978, or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800. Online support is available via Beyond Blue.

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