MAFS' Olivia breaks down after ‘disgusting’ Kyle & Jackie O stunt

Married At First Sight’s Olivia Frazer has slammed radio duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson after they made fun of her OnlyFans content with her partner Jackson Lonie.

The KIIS FM hosts had fellow MAFS stars Domenica Calaraco and Ella Ding on the Kyle & Jackie O Show on Thursday morning where they played X-rated footage from Jackson’s profile on the adult subscription-based platform.

MAFS' Jackson and Olivia looking sad.
MAFS’ Olivia Frazer has slammed Kyle & Jackie O after they made fun of her OnlyFans content with Jackson Lonie. Photo: Channel Nine

“Did you see Olivia jerking off [Jackson's] d**k the other day on OnlyFans?” Kyle asked his guests, before suddenly presenting them with the footage live on-air.

“Wait, so how are you seeing it? Are you paying for it?” Ella asked.

“No, I’m not paying. It gets sent in,” he replied.

“Look, I’ve seen it but I’ll tell you what, I need bleach in my eyes,” Dom chimed in. “I need bleach all over me.”


Taking to her Instagram on Thursday afternoon, Olivia blasted the radio show for their “hypocrisy” in sharing her private content without her consent.

“Just me wondering why Kyle & Jackie O thought it would be a good idea to, you know, distribute mine and Jackson’s private video that is meant to be protected from behind a paywall and shame us for it and make fun of us for it,” she began.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit hypocritical? Like, isn’t that why everyone hates me? Because I allegedly did that? I didn’t, but that’s what people think I did. Isn’t this hypocrisy at its finest?”

‘What is wrong with people?’

Olivia went on to say that she’s appalled by the “disgusting” radio stunt and the hosts should be “ashamed” of themselves.

“I’ve been trying really hard especially lately just to rise above, take the high road, live in peace and kindness and I try not to speak of negative things but holy s**t,” she continued while tearing up.

“For Kyle and Jackie O to pull out from behind a paywall what Jackson and I do and ridicule it and shame us for it when I’ve really been a massive… I’ve shouted from the rooftops, ‘I’m not okay!’.

“I’ve barely survived MAFS and I don’t need to be shamed and have more hate and vitriol perpetuated towards me, especially from arguably one of the biggest shows in Australia! What is wrong with people? Like, what the f**k?”

Kyle Sandilands and MAFS' Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco.
Kyle played Olivia and Jackson’s private video for Ella and Domenica. Photo: Instagram/kyleandjackieo

‘Skating on thin ice'

Olivia’s heartbreaking post comes shortly after she spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle at Australian Fashion Week and opened up about her feelings after the show.

“It very much ebbs and flows,” she said. “I have really good days where I'm like, ‘Oh water off a duck’s back! I’m fine!’.

“And then I have other days where I'm like, sorry to be graphic, but I am suicidal and I am like, ‘Okay, don't kill yourself because you don't want Jackson to come home to that’. It is at that point where it's such a severe instability in my moods and my mental health.

“I am feeling a lot more myself and a lot more out of the woods. It's nowhere near as bad as it was when the show was airing, but I think it's just going to be skating on thin ice for a few more months until the hate dies down.”

Mental health support for yourself or a loved one can be found by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14, Mensline on 1300 789 978, or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800. Online support is available via Beyond Blue.

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