MAFS' Tamara spills on joining OnlyFans following Olivia's success

With stars like Jessika Power and Hayley Vernon earning hundreds of thousands of dollars on OnlyFans, it’s no surprise that each year more and more Married At First Sight participants are signing up to the adult subscription-based website.

Olivia Frazer recently became the latest reality TV figure to join OnlyFans and is said to have earned a whopping $10,000 in her first 12 hours on the platform.

MAFS' Tamara Djordjevic and Olivia Frazer,
MAFS' Tamara Djordjevic has shared her thoughts on Olivia Frazer’s OnlyFans account. Photos: Instagram/tamara__djordjevic__ / Olivia Frazer

Now, fellow MAFS bride Tamara Djordjevic has shared her thoughts on OnlyFans and revealed if she would ever make an account.

“I don't think OnlyFans is for me,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I think my dad would kill me, I think my brother would kill me. Like I said on the show, it’s not for me. I mean, never say never, but I don’t think I'll be going down that path.”


The 30-year-old went on to praise Olivia for joining the platform and having so much success in such a short period of time.

"If that's what Liv wants to do, that’s up to her,” she says. “It seems like she's making a killing so if she's happy and confident in her body, you do what you need to do.

“The funny thing is, Liv never had an issue with OnlyFans. Anything that's said on TV gets blown up and it's like Chinese Whispers. Someone will say a statement and they'll be like, ‘This is what the person said’.

“But it's like, no, that's not what they said. What they said was they found a photo of someone. She never said, ‘I hate OnlyFans’.”

MAFS' Tamara Djordjevic and Olivia Frazer.
Tamara praised Olivia for joining OnlyFans and ‘making a killing’. Photo: Channel Nine

‘We're entitled to our opinion’

Speaking about the nude photo scandal on this year’s season of MAFS, which divided the cast after Olivia circulated a naked snap of Domenica Calarco around the group without her consent, Tamara insists that she never had an opinion on Dom’s OnlyFans.

“I’ll say this to anyone, if you found out your friend was an astronaut, for example, you're going to sit around and be like, ‘Hey, did you know so and so was an astronaut?’,” she remarks.

“Like, it's a conversation. I wasn't part of that conversation when the photo was shown, I was told by Brent [Vitiello] about it. I wasn't in that group. So I just heard that she had that.

“And you only see a snippet of the conversations but that conversation about the photo was brought up for hours and over and over and over again and I just snapped like, ‘Okay, but if you do that, people are going to find out about it. End of story’.”

Tamara adds that for herself, she’s “a bit more private with that sort of stuff” and wouldn’t want people to see her body online.

“Everyone's different and I just feel like we're entitled to our opinion on our own body and what we’re open about,” she continues.

MAFS' Tamara Djordjevic wearing a bikini.
‘Everyone's different and I just feel like we're entitled to our opinion on our own body and what we’re open about.’ Photo: Instagram/tamara__djordjevic__

‘Very proud’

Tamara’s comments come shortly after Olivia spoke openly about her OnlyFans account on her Instagram Story, admitting that it feels very “empowering”.

“I am very proud to be an OnlyFans creator, I’ve always thought OnlyFans was awesome,” she shared on Thursday.

“I’ve never shamed anybody for being on OnlyFans. Anything else is a misconception brought to you by MAFS producers.”


While she refused to disclose how much she’s earned on OnlyFans so far, calling that “tacky”, she did confirm that her subscriber count is currently sitting at 2,900. At $14.99 per month, this means Olivia is making a minimum of $43,471 per month, plus extra money for personalised content.

She also said that she hopes for her subscriber count to be “in the millions one day”, and said that her mother has been really supportive of her new business venture.

“My mum is [really proud], she’s setting me up with accountants and things like that. Lots of support,” she added.

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