MAFS' Melinda reveals 'huge divide' among the cast that never aired

The season 10 bride says there's one co-star she no longer speaks to.

Married At First Sight’s Melinda Willis has spilled on a major divide among the season 10 cast that viewers never got to see on TV.

The 32-year-old CEO told Heatworld this week that while she’s still close with Tahnee Cook, Janelle Han and Evelyn Ellis, who she calls her “bestie”, there’s one co-star she is no longer in contact with.

MAFS’ Melinda Willis.
MAFS’ Melinda Willis reveals there’s one co-star she doesn’t speak with anymore. Photo: Channel Nine

“I still don't speak to Claire [Nomarhas] because of, you know, a lot of things that actually happened,” she shared. “There's quite a divide still in real life.”

Melinda added that Claire’s cheating scandal, when she kissed Adam Seed while still ‘married’ to Jesse Burford, impacted everyone on the show.

“They just showed this small little kiss happening and Claire being very remorseful. And then I think Alyssa [Barmonde] was the only one talking up to her,” she detailed. “That's just not what happened. It caused a riot.

“It created a huge divide, especially with the girls. It created a huge divide with the whole group, but they didn't show any of that.”


Melinda shared similar comments to Heart last week about the cast being split into two groups, despite what was shown on TV.

“There’s a few people not talking, there was a divide on the show you don't really see, especially with the girls,” she said. “That was a storyline at first and then it quickly got buried, so I would say that storyline is still evident in real life.”

She also revealed that while there was originally a WhatsApp group involving the whole cast, “two separate groups” have since been created.

MAFS’ Jesse and Claire at the dinner party.
Melinda says Claire's kiss behind Jesse's back 'created a huge divide with the whole group'. Photo: Channel Nine

'I never want to watch it again'

This comes shortly after Melinda opened up during an Instagram Q&A about how she was “so upset” about her ‘edit’.

She told her followers that she was disappointed her and Layton Mills’ TV wedding was portrayed so negatively because she hoped the memory of when they first met would be something she could keep forever.

“I was like, if we have children we can show them and I was really looking forward to that really special video, and it wasn't special and I never want to watch it again,” she said.

“I think that's what rocked me the most. I was pretty hysterical because I was like, that's the day we met and it's horrible. I cannot watch this again. This makes me sick to my gut and I felt so s**t watching that.”

Despite the rocky start to their relationship, Melinda and Layton ended up becoming one of the two success stories to come out of this year’s season of MAFS alongside Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton.

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