MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Janelle breaks her silence on Jesse dating rumours

EXCLUSIVE: Janelle has revealed the truth about her relationship with Jesse.

Married At First Sight’s Janelle Han has officially broken her silence on rumours she is now dating her season 10 co-star Jesse Burford.

The pair formed a unique bond on the reality show after Janelle’s on-screen ‘husband’ Adam Seed hooked up with Jesse’s TV ‘wife’ Claire Nomarhas behind their backs and lied to them about it.

MAFS’ Janelle Han and Jesse Burford.
MAFS’ Janelle Han has revealed the truth about her relationship with Jesse Burford. Photos: Channel Nine

Since filming, Janelle and Jesse have been spotted looking very loved up on numerous occasions, leading fans to believe they’re more than just friends.

The 29-year-old TikTok creator finally addressed the rumours during Yahoo’s All-Star MAFS Reunion when her co-star Evelyn Ellis asked her if their relationship was real or just a ‘publicity stunt’.


“So there are some articles out there of me and Jesse hanging out a lot in Perth,” she teased.

“We did have a bit of a trauma bond and, he might hate me, but we have shared a peck. Just an innocent little peck. That’s it.

“It might have been friendly, it might have been romantic, I’m not sure. But we have had the conversation that we weren't going to pursue anything because I moved to Sydney. So at the moment, we're just really good friends.”

'I started admiring him a lot'

Janelle went on to explain that there were “a multitude of reasons” why she and Jesse grew closer after filming the show.

“During the experiment, we were good friends, but then post-experiment we got to know each other even more,” she shared.

“I understood more layers about him, understood he was more of an emotionally intelligent person, and I think things that I need in my own personality I saw in him and I started admiring him a lot.”

She also revealed that she and Jesse had planned to enter the reunion dinner party together as a “prank”, but the idea was quickly shut down by producers.

“So at this point, me and Jesse were just really really good friends and we just love pranking people and just having fun,” she detailed.

“So we were like, ‘Let’s go into the reunion together and prank everyone!’. But now I've watched the reunion I think they wanted to give the 'Jessie and Claire' thing hope, so I understand why.”

MAFS’ Janelle Han and Jesse Burford.
‘During the experiment, we were good friends, but then post-experiment we got to know each other even more.’ Photo: Channel Nine

Jesse speaks out about their romance

Janelle's confession comes shortly after Jesse spoke to So Dramatic! about their rumoured relationship after they were spotted together on a dinner date in Perth.


“Janelle and I were looking cosy because we are good mates,” he said before admitting they had discussed the potential of a romantic relationship.

“Janelle just moved to Sydney, so even if we were gonna walk down that path, we both said to each other that a long-distance relationship is not something that is an option for us.”

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